• 4. Your Children Don't Need You

    - The Truth About Fatherhood -

    Fatherhood can make and break men. There are so many unspoken rules that we follow in hopes of giving our children the life we didn’t have. Yet, in some cases, these rules keep us from actually being the men our children truly need. 

    18m - Apr 14, 2023
  • 3. The Pit of Despair

    - Getting Out of a Rut -

    You might call it a rut, a slump, or a full-on depression. Whatever you call it, losing hope and motivation can take an incredible toll on our wellbeing. Not to mention, those we lead. The longer we stay there, the harder it seems to get out. Here are some of the ways I stay level-headed when I feel as though nothing is going my way... 

    17m - Mar 31, 2023
  • 2. Sharpen Your Axe

    - Men, Pain and Purpose -

    Men can find fulfillment through clear purpose and direction. Yet, we find ourselves bombarded with people, businesses and technology that want to hijack our attention and energy. How do men truly start to shape their own lives? Here's my take...

    21m - Mar 17, 2023
  • 1. Ground Your Children

    - How To Calm A Chaotic Home -

    Parenting energetic or hyperactive children can be a real challenge. Many schools of thought leave us choosing between punishment or positive reinforcement to handle the chaos. Here's my take on some of the timeless fatherhood pitfalls.

    23m - Mar 3, 2023
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