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Sibling Battles

Join in on the sibling battles between Tasha Jordan and Eli! This brother and sister duo talks about things that interest them which is a wide range of topics. Have some laugh and enjoy some debates. Start listening..... now.


Kendrick Lamar.
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Who Wants To Be Famous
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Who Pays For The First Date
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Hot Take
Show Details42min 34s
Keep That Man Wife Name Out Of Your Mouth
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March Madness
Show Details49min 22s
Should Shows Have An Expiration Dates?
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The Real Sibling Battles
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NBA Snore-Fest Contest
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You Listen To Your Parents Music?
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Pushin P
Show Details53min 49s
There's A Lot Goin On
Show Details47min 18s
2021 Wrap Up
Show Details46min 35s
GOAT Christmas Song?
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Biden Playin
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Do We Owe Our Job Anything?
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2022 Grammy Noms
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Let's Take Flight
Show Details1hr 28min
Yall Depressed?
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We Recappin
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The Sky
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Knuck If You Buck
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Squid Game
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Take The Money
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Donda Vs CLB ???
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The Catch Up
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Going Too Far
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He Is Real
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Let's Make A Classic
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You're A Free Agent
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Its The Weeknd
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Hedge Funds Coming Down
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Is That A Body Suit?
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Going Up A Hill
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Welcome 2021
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2020 Wrap Up
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Christmas Overrated?
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Were We Treated The Same?
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Best Contemporary Christian Music Album
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Looking For Rewards
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We Voted!!
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Birkin Bags?
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Drip 2 and Vote
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Ice Cube Trippin?
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