A real estate podcast focused on the do-over. We started the Mulligans podcast to learn about those real estate investors who started with nothing and/or lost it all, but did not give up and became successful again.


Episode 14: Everything you Need to Know About Hiring a Property Manager with John McGuire
Show Details31min 39s
Episode 13: A Controversial Approach to Cashflow with Arn Cenedella
Show Details35min 38s
Episode 12: From Full Time Engineers to Lending over $6.5 Million in Real Estate
Show Details46min 48s
Episode 11: 25 Wholesale Deals at 19 Years Old and a Transition Into Multifamily with Ethan Neumann
Show Details56min 4s
Episode 10: It's Never too Late to get Started in Multifamily Investing with Stony Stonebraker
Show Details34min 55s
Episode 9: From Being Arrested Four Times to $26 Million in Commercial Real Estate with Adam Balsinger
Show Details1hr 4min
Episode 8: Financially Independent by 27 with Conor Kearns
Show Details45min 38s
Episode 7: Breaking Into the Large Multifamily Space at Just 19 and 23 Years Old with the Donis Brothers
Show Details40min 50s
Episode 6: From Shop Teacher to Retired in Just 2 Years with Over 550 Apartments and Over 150 Flips with Todd Dexheimer
Show Details33min 18s
Episode 5: How to Use $18 Million in Private Funds to Flip Over 200 Units While Partnering in 384 Multifamily Units with Chris Bounds
Show Details1hr 7min
Episode 4: Investing in Real Estate While Being Active Duty Military with Doug Spence
Show Details49min 47s
Episode 3: Overcoming Financial Struggles to Become a Successful Wholesaler with Calvin Atkins
Show Details41min 8s
Episode 2: Accomplishing the True American Dream with Wale Lawal
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 1: Investing in Multifamily Apartments with Little to No Experience with Andrew Carlson
Show Details37min 51s