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Looking Forward

Looking Forward is THE podcast about TRENDS, OPPORTUNITIES, and the FUTURE, and how YOU might capitalize on those: THINK.. jobs, careers, business start-ups, ventures, investments, life enrichment. Guests are experts in their field, and many are household names, authors, and/or from esteemed universities. Looking Forward offers a very reasonable way for advertisers to promote their product or service, especially given its positive spin. it's also great source for media outlets, publishers, etc. to include in their content. Some, such as TAPinto.net, are doing that! Contact:www.jeff-ostroff.com


Opportunities Abound in Non-Food Franchising: (Episode #94)
Show Details32min 14s
The Exciting World of OPPORTUNITY in Non-Food Franchising (Episode #93)
Show Details31min 18s
Episode #92: A Great Financial Product and An Opportunity, Too- 10,000+ New People Should Consider It Every Day!
Show Details34min 20s
Episode #91: A Multi-TRILLION Dollar Opportunity For Safe Savings: and for Jobs and Businesses, Too?
Show Details31min 25s
Episode #90: A College Degree in Another Country- An Opportunity for Students, Parents, and Colleges, Too!
Show Details30min 26s
Episode #89: A College Education in Another Country- Why You May Want to Look into That!
Show Details32min 11s
Episode #88: Retail's Future, It's Opportunities, and Great Shopping Strategies
Show Details30min 44s
Episode #87: Evolution of the Retail Shopping Experience- Say "Omni-What?"
Show Details34min 34s
Episode #86: Media's Future- Niches, Segmentation, Analytics, and Lots of Opportunities
Show Details29min 32s
Episode #85: Media Production and Distribution- Look Who's in the Driver's Seat!
Show Details34min 4s
Episode #84: The Food Industry is Changing- Get On Board the Plant-Based Foods Train!
Show Details31min 18s
Episode #83: The Momentum Continues: More Plant-Based Foods and Consumers!
Show Details32min 22s
Episode #82: Residential Real Estate- New Products, New Players, and Lots of Opportunities
Show Details31min 9s
Episode #81: Residential Real Estate- Global Markets, Industry Trends, COVID, Millennials, and Much More!
Show Details35min 18s
Episode #80: Plenty of Opportunities for Engineers- Even for Future Doctors, Lawyers, and Entrepreneurs!
Show Details28min 13s
Episode #79: Engineering- Evolving to Take on the World's Most Complex Personal and Societal Challenges
Show Details31min 19s
Episode #78: Radio's Evolution Will Create Lots of Opportunities
Show Details29min 49s
Episode #77: Who in the World Listens to Radio?
Show Details31min 20s
Episode #76: Sounds Like an Exciting Future for Drug Development... and Us, too!!
Show Details31min 14s
Episode #75: Prescription Drug Research Goes Global: It's a Small World After All!
Show Details33min 57s
Episode #74: Is A Personal Stylist in Your Future?
Show Details32min 4s
Episode #73: Is It Time for YOU to Use a Personal Stylist?
Show Details30min 55s
Episode #72: Mobile Cell Phones- Their Future, the Opportunities, with Wisdom on Living a Long Life Thrown In
Show Details31min 41s
Episode #71 Mobile Phones and Technology: Past and Present... with a Bit of the Future Thrown In
Show Details33min 54s
Episode #70- Finding Love After 50, Part 2: Tips to Succeed in this Brave New World
Show Details30min 16s
Episode # 69: Finding Love After Age 50
Show Details30min 16s
Episode #68: Making The World Better Place for Nearly a BILLION People
Show Details32min 21s
Episode #67: If This Isn't You, It's Likely Someone You Care About
Show Details35min 20s
Episode #66: The State of Religion Around the World: Today and in the Future
Show Details30min 25s
Episode #65: Religion- Trends Around the World
Show Details34min 57s
Episode #64 Pets, Profits, and Yes... Pythons, Too!
Show Details31min 18s
Episode #63: Pets and the World of Pet Parenting
Show Details31min 46s
Episode #62: Is Executive or Career Coaching in Your Future?
Show Details35min 10s
Episode #61: Lifting Your Career Higher and Higher
Show Details36min 13s
Episode #60: Networking to YOUR Advantage
Show Details31min 39s
Episode #59: How Is YOUR Net-Working?
Show Details35min 44s
Show Details32min 26s
Episode #57: Capitalizing on LinkedIn - What Can You Learn from An Expert?
Show Details34min 34s
Episode #56: Hey, Millions of Job Seekers: This One's for You!
Show Details30min 53s
Episode #55: When It Comes to Recruiting, It's a Small World After All!
Show Details33min 15s
Episode #54 The Brain, Sleep, and Your Memory: COVID's Impact, the Future, and Opportunities Galore
Show Details37min 14s
Episode #53: The Brain and Your Memory: Hope You Remember to Listen to This?
Show Details38min 33s
Episode #52: Fund Raising- It's Future, Job and Career Opportunities It Offers, and Much More
Show Details34min 47s
Episode #51: Fund Raising- It Isn't Just About Money Given by the Rich and Famous!
Show Details35min 16s
Episode #50: Telemedicine's Future and the Opportunities It May Offer
Show Details29min 52s
Episode #49: Telemedicine: Past, Present, and COVID 19's Impact
Show Details30min 44s
Episode #48: Restaurants and Hotels: Where Are They Headed and What OPPORTUNITIES Do They Offer?
Show Details36min 42s
Episode #47- Are You Interested in Restaurant and Travel Trends Around the World?
Show Details39min 21s
Episode #46: Great Combination: Get Healthier and Find Healthy Career Opportunities!
Show Details43min 24s
Episode #45: LISTEN UP, WORLD: 41% of U.S. Citizens are Doing This... and the U.S is Only in the Middle of the Pack!! Are You?
Show Details55min 59s
Episode #44: 36 Million People Working Remotely by 2025: How Will That Affect YOU??
Show Details46min 57s
Episode #43: Conversation with Doug Betts about Trends and Opportunities in the Automotive Manufacturing Industry
Show Details53min 31s
Episode #42: Extra, Extra: Read All About It- Newspaper Trends... and Opportunities
Show Details50min 59s
Episode #41: The Family Caregiving Trend and its Opportunities
Show Details43min 22s
Episode #40: Conversation with David Ciccarelli- Voice-Over Industry Trends and Opportunities
Show Details52min 52s
Episode #39- Blockchain Technology
Show Details54min 55s
Episode #38: Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
Show Details51min 9s
Episode #37- The Great Outdoors with Guest Expert Johnny Molloy
Show Details52min
Episode #36: The Internet, Websites, Website Domains, etc.
Show Details48min 21s
Show Details48min 24s
Show Details48min 23s
Show Details47min 14s
Episode #32: A Megatrend and an Opportunity for Employers, Workers, and Countries!
Show Details30min 13s
Episode #31: How Involved Does Your State or Country Let Citizens Get Involved in Redistricting?
Show Details45min 42s
Episode #30: Now Here's Something to Eat Up! Trends in Diets, Dieting, and Nutrition
Show Details50min 27s
Episode #29: Are You (or Someone You Know) Looking for a Virtually GUARANTEED, Ground-Floor Opportunity?
Show Details51min 48s
Episode #28: Who Owns Your Data? And What About If You Live in Estonia?
Show Details44min
Episode #27: Could Tom Hanks Influence Auto Sales? You Better Believe It!!
Show Details39min 40s
Episode #26: Virtual Assistants
Show Details37min 29s
Episode # 25: Supermarkets
Show Details36min 51s
Episode #24: Renewable Energy
Show Details37min 8s
Episode #23: Raising Successful Children
Show Details38min 49s
Episode #22: Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Show Details37min 1s
Episode #21: College and University Trends, etc.
Show Details31min 50s
Episode #20: Travel Trends
Show Details42min 57s
Episode #19: Online and Mobile App Dating
Show Details43min 8s
Episode #18: The World of Sports with Christine Brennan
Show Details42min 8s
Episode #17: Financial Trends, Opportunities, and Strategies with Jill Schlesinger
Show Details38min 47s
Episode #16: Public Polling
Show Details53min 48s
Episode #15: Entrepreneurship
Show Details51min 6s
Episode #14: The Growing Interest in Stoicism
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode #13: TV, Film, and Pop Culture
Show Details57min 42s
Episode #12: The Forecast for New Jobs and Careers
Show Details35min 4s
Episode #11: Suicide Prevention
Show Details49min 52s
Episode #10: The Podcasting Business
Show Details53min 20s
Episode #9: Family Structure Trends
Show Details59min 53s
Episode #8 Senior Housing
Show Details27min 31s
Episode #7: Evolution of the Mass Media
Show Details1hr 5min
Episode #6 : Peace of Mind, Positive Psychology, and Mindfulness for Your Challenging Times
Show Details51min 52s
Episode #5: Electric Vehicles: Where Will the Biggest Opportunities Be?
Show Details44min 7s
Episode #4: Is Your Relationship Meant to Be?
Show Details36min 12s
Episode #3: Food Trends
Show Details59min 39s
Episode #2: The Gut-Brain Connection
Show Details32min 23s
Episode #1: The Solo Traveler
Show Details24min 30s