Why Does the Chili Crisp Drama Matter? PREVIEW

5m | Apr 18, 2024

In this one, Stacie and Meghan discuss whether or not big players like Trader Joe’s and Momofuku have an ethical responsibility to smaller players in their respective spaces. And what about us shoppers: do we?

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  •    We Need to Talk About Trader Joes
  •    The Market Opportunity For Chili Crunch is Huge So the Battle Heats Up
  •    Thoughts on Chili Crunch Gate from Joanne L. Molinaro (@thekoreanvegan) on TikTok
  •    Laoganma
  •    Fly By Jing
  •    Onino Crispy Chili
  •    Chilee Oil (made with avocado oil!)
  •    Mama Teav's
  •    Eat Mila
  •    Wuju Foods
  •    Bowlcut
  •    S&B Foods
  •    Boon Sauce
  •    Hot Jiang (keto/vegan)
  •    KariKari
  •    Homiah
  •    Oomame (global chile crisps)
  •    Hotpot Queen
  •    Barnacle Foods (kelp chili crisp!)

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