Just The Babes: Shifting Limiting Beliefs, Upgrading Your Mitochondria, Optimal Protein Consumption, and Upcoming Biohacking Events

Season 9 | Episode 220
1h 15m | Nov 13, 2023

In our latest episode, we delve into a diverse range of topics at the intersection of health, biohacking, and personal development. We kickoff with a rundown of the latest health news, and our thoughts on a biohacking date night idea and the possibility of a "biohacking olympics." We share the biohacks we're currently testing and how we're addressing our personal limiting beliefs that may be impacting our health and overall well-being. Finally, we wrap up with some fascinating scientific research, as well as upcoming events!


0:51 Welcome to the show!

2:02 In the (health) news

3:23 New Apple Watch metrics

4:31 Tracking activity with wearables

5:40 OURA Activity accuracy

9:09 Sauna House & Remedy Place

11:39 Biohacking Industry stats

13:44 Women driving the Biohacking movement

14:59 Biohacking Olympics

16:05 Biohacks We’re Currently Trying

16:10 Moonbird HRV Tracker

18:42 HempLucid CBD & Functional Mushrooms

21:25 No-Gadget Mindset Explorations

28:23 Limiting Beliefs

30:56 Microdosing For Shifting Narratives

33:22 Free Mitochondrial Boost

35:03 Human Charger

37:40 Thank you to our SPONSORS

37:56 * Troscriptions - TroZZZ *

41:13 * Coast Health - Recovery Drink *

43:37 * BiOptimizers November Sale *

45:07 What we’re currently reading

53:53 NYC Longevity Salon

59:57 STUDY: Gut Microbes & Alzheimer’s

1:07:10 Sleep Deficits & Neurodegeneration

1:08:34 Upcoming Events


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