The Grief of a Living Parent

Season 4 | Episode 5
1h 15m | Nov 11, 2021

On this episode I have the pleasure of talking to Dr. Curtis Jasper, author, speaker, educator, Human Behavior Specialist, and Relationship expert about the grief of a living parent. We discussed grieving a living parent from so many different angles including having an estranged relationship with them or being their long time caregiver. We even dove into the difference between coping vs managing your grief. Grab your pens and paper (and your edges because he snatches them) because he drops so may gems!


In this episode we discuss: 

+ Different ways you can grieve your living parents 

+ How to try and mend a relationship with estranged parents 

+ Ways you can grieve who your parents were before an illness

+ Ways you can grieve a parent being their longtime caregiver

+ The difference between coping vs managing your grief 


Dr. Curt's Information:


Instagram: @Iamdr.curt

Facebook: @DrCurtisDJasper

Youtube: @DrCurtisDJasper

Twitter: @DrCurtisDJasper


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