The Grief of Having a Miscarriage

Season 4 | Episode 6
54m | Nov 18, 2021

On this episode I had the honor to speak with director, writer, and amazing mother Tahyna MacManus about the grief of having a miscarriage. After experiencing several miscarriages, Tahyna began documenting her own journey of grieving the loss of losing her baby. Her own journey soon turned into a documentary titled Misunderstandings of Miscarriages (MuM) which documented the women (and couples) grieving their loss and discussing the many myths surrounding having a miscarriage. Her transparency & journey of having multiple miscarriages and grieving is one that is inspiring and will definitely help anyone who has experienced such a loss.

In this episode we discuss:

+ The grief that comes with having a miscarriage 

+ The "12 week" rule when it comes to having a miscarriage

+ Ways to support someone grieving a miscarriage 

+ Ways to communicate with a partner grieving the miscarriage

+ Ways to honor your lost baby


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