Transcending Trauma

They told her she was crazy. They admitted her to a psych ward. She spiraled to the depths of depression.

And then she emerged. Her gifts, clear. Her purpose, aligned. Her truth, set her free.

Sinead Catherine is here to help you overcome deep trauma, break through fears and limitations and step into your aligned soul purpose.

She is a channel with intuitive, guided access to 5D and 7D healing and the ability to navigate your Soul Plan to uncover your truth. Join Sinead each week, as she plays with the depths of darkness and lights the path toward your own transformation.


030 | Shame, Secrecy & Fear
Show Details21min 27s
029 | Reevaluate Your Relationship with Change
Show Details14min 49s
028 | The Nervous System & Disassociation with Pat Divilly
Show Details38min 55s
027 | Weight Loss & Food Freedom with Jackie Cherkas
Show Details37min 57s
026 | Reclaiming Healing After Sexual Trauma
Show Details21min 32s
025 | Soul Elevation
Show Details19min 3s
024 | Sexual Trauma & The Pelvic Floor with Chloe Stickings
Show Details39min 59s
023 | Emotional Eating, Brain Rewiring & Holistic Healing with Michelle Kesil
Show Details33min 45s
022 | Exploring Death and Rebirth with Sinead and Kelli Tennant
Show Details39min 16s
021 | Healing Trauma & Emotional Entanglements with Fergus Murtagh
Show Details34min 20s
020 | The Differences Between 3D, 4D, and 5D Consciousness with Sonya Sage
Show Details55min 31s
019 | Cut The BS: Let’s Dive Deep with Erin O’Leary
Show Details59min
018 | Discovering Your Human BEING with Dani Schofield
Show Details36min 44s
017 | The Miracle Frequency: Activating Your Ascension with Alyse Bacine
Show Details42min 6s
016 | Breaking the Taboo: Abortions, Promiscuity & Wounded Sex
Show Details17min 45s
015 | Alcohol: Leaving the Darkness Behind
Show Details21min 36s
014 | Transcending Victim Consciousness with Nahum Vizakis
Show Details57min 4s
013 | Healing Chronic Illness the Spiritual Way with Shannon Amrein
Show Details48min 57s
012 | Busting Money Myths + Exclusive Giveaway
Show Details24min 11s
011 | Healing Your Mother Wound
Show Details27min 12s
010 | The Wonder of Christina The Channel
Show Details53min 54s
009 | Quit Wanting to Quit
Show Details14min 32s
008 | Stop Letting Fear Steal Your Magic
Show Details16min 21s
007 | From Healed to Healer with Caitlin Kirkpatrick
Show Details47min 13s
006 | The Untold Truths About Taking a Quantum Leap
Show Details21min 54s
005 | The Power of Speaking Out - Sexual Trauma Solo
Show Details12min 14s
004 | Always Question the Labels - Mental Health Talk with Jamie Morrissey
Show Details40min 26s
003 | Hollywood Actress Speaks Out on Sex & Love Addiction with Brianne Davis
Show Details39min 56s
002 | Psych Ward + Emerging Intuition
Show Details21min 4s
001 | Finding Your Voice After Trauma: An Intro
Show Details16min 4s
The Sinead Show - The Trailer
Show Details5min 44s