• Travel Writing -The Mariani Touch

    Writer John Mariani has been writing professionally about Food and Travel--and much more --for well over 20 years. As a regular contributor to Celebrating Act 2™ he has gained a new following for his commentary on food and wine but because the reaction to COVID-19 virus has greatly limited travel of all sorts, he's been reluctant to publish anything on travel. John and Art of Celebrating Act 2 discuss with Mariani the escapist value of travel articles and delve into the author's style and philosophy which has made his travel writing so compelling--noting of course that Mariani's travel articles are available in the archive of his newsletter, The Virtual Gourmet at JohnMariani.com

    12m - May 23, 2020
  • Develop Your Wine Palate- Start Here!

    Food and Travel writer, John Mariani talks with Celebrating Act 2™'s Art Kirsch and John Coleman about the idea of developing a more sophisticated palate to increase you enjoyment of wine. Despite his extensive knowledge of wine, the author simplifies the process of finding wine you love and offers an easy way to get started educating your palate. Debunking some of the more specialized analytical procedures used by wine professionals, Mariani makes the process accessible to anyone who simply wants to enjoy wine.

    19m - May 23, 2020
  • Wine Myths Which Waste Time & Money

    Base on his article in Mariani's Virtual Gourmet newsletter, Food and Travel writer John Mariani shares three of the ten important caveats surrounding wine. The regular contributor to Celebrating Act 2™ smashes popular myths that waste your time and/or money when it comes to enjoying wine. This is a must see for anyone ever intimidated by a wine snob!

    12m - May 23, 2020
  • NYC - Best Food City In the World!

    As a professional Food and Travel writer, who is also a regular contributor to Celebrating Act 2, John Mariani has logged millions of miles reporting on the best restaurants and cuisine in hundreds of cities around the world. But as a native New Yorker, he recognizes that NYC hosts not only a cornucopia of haute cuisine, it also offers an incredible number of restaurants at every level. He discusses the variety and quality of the food available in his home port with two fellow NYC Natives, Art Kirsch and john Coleman of Celebrating Act 2™. Mariani shares fascinating details and explains why this is true and not just a Big Apple boast.

    21m - May 23, 2020
  • Love & Pizza - The Book

    Yes, we love food--including pizza--and yes, romance often revolves around subtle, sensual acts like eating....Which is one reason why John Mariani, the noted Food and Travel writer and contributor to Celebrating Act 2™, chose to do a romantic novel, entitled Love & Pizza. In this video he speaks with John and Art about the adventure and challenges of writing as well as how he incorporated familiar elements into the life of a fictional female character. If you like going behind the scenes of a good novel--or writing of any kind-- you don't want to miss this video!

    31m - May 23, 2020
  • The New Normal . . . NORMAL?!! COVID-19 Update #9

    After several months of shelter in place for many of us, we're approaching mid-May 2020 and some 47 states are beginning to 're-open.' Art & John discuss what that might look like, what will be the new normal. And without a vaccine or wide spread effective treatments, they speculate about how long it might take for physical distancing might be loosened to the extent that restaurants can get back to full capacity, sporting events with crowds can resume, etc. As usual, they have different opinions.

    20m - May 23, 2020
  • Anticipating Your 'Magic Age'

    Ever look at a future birthday either anticipating dred or joy? We all probably have felt at one time or another that some particular age would have a magic effect--good or bad. Was it turning 30? or 60? or maybe much younger.... What is it in most humans that makes us do that? And does it matter? Of course Celebrating Act 2™'s Art Kirsch and john Coleman turn to Bill Jordan, the creator of the Embrace The Boom Movement for some help. You'll love his guidance!

    9m - May 23, 2020
  • This Just in: Bad NEWS...

    Why does it seem all the news is BAD news? Does only negativity reign? Bill Jordan of Embrace The Boom, shares perspective and a few important facts with Art Kirsch and John Coleman of Celebrating Act 2™. Join this trio of seniors as they chop up the 'news' media and have fun doing it! You'll enjoy it and learn something about us as news-consumers as well!

    11m - May 23, 2020
  • Embrace The Boom is GROWING!

    Celebrating Act 2™ founders, Art Kirsch and John Coleman congratulate Bill Jordan on the continuing growth of his movement to EMBRACE THE BOOM: baby boomers appreciating their life and their age and making the most of it. Bill shares his philosophy and explains just why the millions of Baby Boomers are enjoying life --and joining his movement!

    10m - May 23, 2020
  • Old Guy Uniforms

    What is it about men of a certain age? Ever notice how many have facial hair? ...or wear Hawaiian shirts? Maybe there's an official uniform for old guys nobody knows about. Bill Jordan, of Embrace the Boom is of a certain age and he chats with Celebrating Act 2™'s founders, Art Kirsch and John Coleman, both of whom wear the same uniform --even if unintentionally! It's a fun look at what we have in common--and what we don't! Let us know what your uniform is --and maybe answer the question: Do women of a certain age have an unofficial uniform?

    15m - May 23, 2020
  • We Love 'B' Movies!

    Is it sitting at home during COVID-19 for weeks that got us talking about all the old "B" movies? Dunno...but the more we talked about the more we realized how much fun they are--from the classic B feature in the era of double features (with a newsreel and cartoon!) to today's low budget indy films...there's a lot to love in these less-than-blockbuster films. See if you agree!

    15m - May 23, 2020
  • Hollywood LOVES Hollywood!

    Some people think Hollywood is reticent about telling stories of Hollywood. Hollywood Historian Manny Pacheco destroys that myth for Celebrating Act 2™'s co-founders, Art Kirsch and John Coleman and proceeds to point out a number of classic films about Hollywood and filmmaking! It's a fun walk through a little recognized and much overlooked genre. Got your favorite feature film on Hollywood? Let us Know!

    10m - May 23, 2020
  • Hollywood's Famous Side-Kicks

    Next to every hero in the movies it seems there's a great character we love and laugh at...the classic Hollywood Side-Kick. Whether it's a saddle tramp in a classic western or a rookie cop in a detective movie, we've learned to love some of filmdom's great character actors. Hollywood Historian Manny Pacheco joins Celebrating Act 2™'s Art Kirsch and John Coleman in a fun discussion...from an important dramatic device, to historic prototypes, to memorable actors, you'll get a KICK out of their look at Side-Kicks. Bet you have some of your favorites too...let us know!

    8m - May 23, 2020
  • Will Movie Theaters Survive COVID-19?

    As fans of film and the movie theater experience, Celebrating Act 2™'s Art Kirsch and John Coleman talk with Hollywood Historian, Manny Pacheco, about the problems facing the exhibition wing of the entertainment industry due to Covid-19 restrictions.There's plenty of insider insights from 3 guys who know the industry as well as conjecture from these same 3 who are also fans of the movie experience. what will Hollywood --and your local movie-going experience--look like after the Virus? Let us know what you think!

    14m - May 23, 2020
  • Ready, Set, . . . Open? COVID-19 Update #8

    As a variety of states are re-opening, some in baby steps, others seemingly throwing caution to the winds, Art & John share their views on this process of 'returning to normal'.

    17m - May 23, 2020
  • Lemonade - Covid-19 Update #7

    In this episode of the Founders' VLOG, well into the second month of choose 1 [quarantine; shelter-in-place; physical distancing; hey buddy where's your mask] the co-founders of Celebrating Act 2™, Art Kirsch & John Coleman discuss what they've been up to. As it turns out, lots. Join us and celebrate YOUR act 2!

    13m - May 23, 2020
  • Americas Cuisine:The Gift of Immigrants

    As America is a land of immigrants, so too our cuisine is as varied and diverse as our population's origins. Who doesn't eat pizza or Chinese take-out or enjoy a Greek salad (among other ethnic cuisines) now and then? Food and Travel writer John Mariani, Editor of The Virtual Gourmet newsletter, is a considerable food historian as well as a regular contributor to Celebrating Act 2™. In this video John discusses the various culinary influences waves of immigrants have brought to the United States. It's a delicious way to look at our current food culture and celebrate its diversity. Enjoy! ..and give us your feedback at info@celebratingAct2.com

    24m - May 23, 2020
  • The Future of Restaurants After COVID-19

    While we all wonder what the 'New Normal' will look like after the COVID-19 Crisis ends, many have predicted the end of the small restaurant business as we have known it. Food Critic and Travel Writer John Mariani has observed and commented on the industry for 40 years. He's also a student of history and as such he informs Celebrating Act 2™ founders Art Kirsch and John Coleman that restaurants are one of humanity's most basic form of entertainment. His recounting of both the history of restaurants and the recovery after numerous historical disasters is fascinating and informative. Watch and see if you agree...and let us know what you think: info@celebratingAct2.com

    20m - May 23, 2020
  • Hormones and Premature Aging

    One question everyone over 50 asks is how do I stay young? Or put another way, how can I prevent premature aging? Hormones --there are many hormones in our body--can have a great effect on our body aging as well as whether we FEEL old before our time. Celebrating Act 2™'s regular contributing medical expert Dr. Liz Lyster, MD discusses the role hormones play in our aging --premature and otherwise.

    14m - May 23, 2020
  • Dr. Liz on Hormones Forever?

    A specialist in Hormones, Dr Liz Lyster, answers her most Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) "Once I start on hormone replacement therapy do I have to stay on it forever?" The co-founders of Celebrating Act 2™ have plenty of follow up questions which help clarify the very common therapy which engenders lots of confusion in both men and women. As always you'll get a lot of good information from our regular contributing expert, Dr Liz MD. Be sure to tell your friends that Celebrating Act 2 is the USER MANUAL for the 2nd half of your life!

    8m - May 23, 2020
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