The 6 inner child's wounds of trauma ft. Transformational Coach Silvia Gálvez [Part 1]

Season 3 | Episode 4
31m | Oct 13, 2021
Silvia Gálvez is a Transformational Coach who specializes in trauma, addictions, and healing. She has dedicated more than a decade to learning and practicing healing the body, mind, energy, and spirit. Silvia has dedicated most of her life to serving others and creating awareness in herself and guiding her clients in their awareness and healing journey. Healing is a lifelong journey and so is learning. In this episode, we discuss the six inner child's trauma wounds - the betrayal wound, the rejection wound, the abandonment wound, the humiliation wound, the injustice wound, and the scarcity wound. Silvia teaches us the behaviors, thoughts, and beliefs that usually come with each of these wounds and how they can create limiting narratives and unhealthy repetitive cycles in our lives. Silvia teaches us how we've been poorly using our reticular activating system to give us the results we don't want instead of programming it to give us the results we desire. Silvia empowers us to accept ourselves and understand our wounds. Join our empower·create·encourage community on @empower.create.encourage on Instagram and connect by sharing your experiences under the tag #empowercreateencourage | Connect with Silvia Gálvez on her page Silvia Gálvez - Coach Transformacional on Facebook and Silvia Gálvez - Coaching Transformacional on YouTube.
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