Honor your journey ft. Serena Sneddon

Season 2 | Episode 4
1h 7m | May 20, 2020
Serena Sneddon shares her belief that life isn't linear. The journey is more valuable than our perceived destination. Serena teaches us that the expectation of a linear line to our envisioned goals or life, can create a disconnect between ourselves and our journey. This disconnection can create feelings of inadequacy and discouragement, ultimately blinding us from the beauty and experiences of our personalized journey. Serena teaches us how to honor our personalized journey by shifting the belief that the end goal is the only important part of our journey. Serena Sneddon shares her techniques for setting emotional boundaries, sharing vulnerabilities for the first time, and how to create an authentic connection with ourselves through the way we accept and connect with ourselves in our personalized journey.  Join our empower·create·encourage community on @empower.create.encourage and connect by sharing your experiences under the tag #empowercreateencourage | Connect with Serena Sneddon on her page @ssnddon
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