How to play with fire ft. Diana Guerra part 2

Season 3 | Episode 3
14m | Sep 22, 2021
Diana Guerra has made WAVES while she goes for her dreams! She has written many new songs in the last four months and has begun to release them! In this special episode, we answer the hard and genuine questions you asked us. One of the questions we received was, "There seems to be a transition from dreams to fears that dampen our spark, how do we rekindle our flames when we're in the midst of uncertainty and fear?" Being in the midst of a worldwide pandemic its a particularly challenging time to be an adult and to find the courage to believe in ourselves and our dreams. Diana shares the tools she uses to stay connected with herself, to fuel her fire, and how to love herself by honoring her needs to create enjoyment and happiness in her life. We want to do a mini series on this topic of playing with fire- having the courage to go for our dreams! We want to dedicate these episodes to you and will keep the format of answering your questions and talking about them. Send us your questions and experiences on instagram! Subscribe, follow, and stay tuned for the next episode! Join our empower·create·encourage community on @empower.create.encourage on Instagram and connect by sharing your experiences under the tag #empowercreateencourage | Connect with Diana Guerra on her page @thedianaluciaa on instagram, @TheDianaLucia on Facebook, and Diana Lucia on YouTube. Subscribe to her channels and stay tuned for her upcoming songs!
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