Choose your people ft. Andrew Soulier

Season 2 | Episode 3
36m | May 7, 2020
Andrew Soulier shares his passion for film making and belief of the importance of investing time in relationships with people. Andrew shares techniques he uses for communication in his platonic, professional, and romantic relationships; along with conflict resolution techniques; and shares his approach for building and strengthening relationships. Andrew Soulier teaches us a visualization and written technique that has empowered him to improve the quality of his daily life and accomplish his goals. During this interview I felt empowered to dare to dream, big or small and to touch, taste, smell, and make my dream a reality by knowing for what my dream feels like.  Join our empower·create·encourage community on @empower.create.encourage and connect by sharing your experiences under the tag #empowercreateencourage | Connect with Andrew Soulier on his page @wesley_productions
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