Fight Using the 5 Winning Strategies instead of the 5 Losing Strategies With Your Spouse ft. Nancy Pickard

Season 4 | Episode 1
28m | Oct 4, 2023

Marriage Coach, Nancy Pickard joins us again to share the 5 winning and 5 losing strategies she has learned from Terry Real along with other techniques and tools she's learned from her own practice. She teaches us how to practice relational mindfulness to help us connect and repair with our partners.

5 losing strategies as learned from Terry Real:

  1. Prioritizing being right.
  2. Trying to control, deceive, or manipulate our partner.
  3. Unbridled self expression.
  4. Retaliation in an aggressive or passive aggressive way.
  5. Withdrawing.

5 winning strategies as learned from Terry Real:

  1. Shift from Complaint to Request
  2. Prioritize connection & repair so speak with love and respect.
  3. Be compassionate and curious as you listen.
  4. Empower each other. Give each other tools and strategies to help each other be the best partner for each other.
  5. Cherish each other, invest in each other and things that help your marriage.

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