Defy yourself ft. Chase Raban

Season 2 | Episode 5
41m | Jul 25, 2020
Chase Raban shares his beliefs on integrity, responsibility, and humility. Chase answers questions about setting boundaries, how to increase self-esteem, and empowerment. Chase teaches us that communicating boundaries is necessary for healthy relationships and healthy relationships can sustain differences of opinions, hobbies, and personalities. Chase shares his experience on self improvement in a healthy way that accepts and loves the self instead of falling into the trap of criticizing ourselves and limiting ourselves through our own false beliefs and belittling words. Chase Raban shares his technique on how to defy ourselves when we think we are holding ourselves back and encourages us to defy ourselves each day by consciously recognizing the responsibility and power we have through the daily manner in which we choose to exercise our own autonomy. Join our empower·create·encourage community on @empower.create.encourage and connect by sharing your experiences under the tag #empowercreateencourage | Connect with Chase Raban on his page @ya_boi_chase412
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