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Good Talk

Had a long day, can't visit family or friends, or just looking for a good time? Well you're in the right place, come join me and my friends, for some stories and funny jokes.


Celebration in the reservation
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Here we go again
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Ukrainian War Report 2
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Ukrainian War Report 1
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Would you rather
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I'm feeling punny
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Octopus Game
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You're gonna be Christmiffed
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Baby its cold outside.
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spicy episode 18+
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Shirts get your shirts here
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phase 2
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Toss The Kid
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Dazed And The Confused
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I'm A Goofy Goober
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Keep It In The Family
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Say My Name Say My Name
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What Am I Doing
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Two Idiots And Truck
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I Am Either ***** Or Hungry
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Grandma Gets Lit
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Take That Grandma
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Sexy Dough Boys Calendar
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Well look who decided to show up.
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From A Crack House To A Math House
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Just Let Me Use The Bathroom
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Super Bowl LV
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Under new management
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ctrl+alt+deleteing my room
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Storming the capital
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New Goods
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Ashes to ashes Dust2dust
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Im 20 now yeehaw
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Me Myself and I
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Tis but a Flesh Wound
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This is Halloween
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Potato Pals
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Coronavirus round 2
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Good Talk
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Good Talk - Dalton Marks
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