S3E25 - The Fugitive

Season 3 | Episode 25
1h 6m | Apr 4, 2023

Bijan Bayne joins me to discuss the portrayal of children and the adults surrounding them in "The Fugitive".


  • Show Info
  • Originally aired: 3/9/1962
  • Starring:
  • Susan Gordon
  • J. Pat O'Malley
  • Nancy Kulp
  • Directed by: Richard L. Bare (Directed other episodes? Yeah, 7 of em)
  • Written by: Charles Beaumont (Richard P. McDonagh) (Wrote other episodes? Yes)
  • Other Thoughts
  • The depiction of children
  • A different view of caregivers
  • “Mrs Gann is a nervous person, try to forgive her”
  • Child actress
  • Who are you talking to? M-myself…
  • Weird little death
  • Is she gonna die? “Yes, eventually, but not right now”
  • Subversion of the title “The Fugitive”

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