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Strategic Moves With Kenn Dowell

Kenn has handled all aspects of a campaign from grassroots "Get Out the Vote" activities to high-level strategic targeting and mass media engagement. His experience includes working as a political consultant and organizer for leaders such as Congresswoman Marcia Fudge. Kenn is also the minority outreach consultant for American Petroleum Institute.

In each of these campaigns, Kenn led a team that effectively targeted and persuaded diverse constituency groups to take affirmative political action consistent with his client's interest. He is also active in the community as a volunteer community organizer with BUILD (Blacks United In Local Democracy), which was initiated to help African Americans engage and otherwise access the political system.

I've met and built relationships with some amazing and interesting people. Because I want to help you make your next move, "A Strategic Move," this show is an opportunity for me to introduce you to some of the people and talk about the wonderful things happening across the region and even eat at some great places.

I hope you'll hear something that can help you learn and grow as a person and/or professional.

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