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Unpolished Thoughts

Unpolished Thoughts is a journal of various life events, experiences, personal thoughts, and opinions answered with honesty. Each episode contains a reflection of what goes on in my head, and how I have grown from these situations. Let's take some time to care for ourselves as this process of healing, understanding, and moving forward will help you become the best version of YOU! Growth is a journey that never stops, let's unravel these Unpolished Thoughts together!


The Off-Season
Show Details13min 9s
10 KDramas With A Strong FEMALE LEAD
Show Details16min 38s
The Truth About Adulting As A 21-Year-Old
Show Details28min 32s
Making 2022 Your Year and Changing Your Mindset
Show Details15min 21s
A Reflection of 2021
Show Details22min 38s
Goals for 2022
Show Details11min 8s
Change & Growing Up
Show Details14min 8s
Update: 21st Birthday, University, Jobs, & Mental Health
Show Details3min 48s
Goals vs. Dreams & Creating New Habits
Show Details34min 7s
Who Am I?
Show Details16min 2s
Welcome to Unpolished Thoughts
Show Details59s