Ep 9 - In the Middle

27m | Jun 1, 2021

Stuck in the middle of the virtuosic violins and the charming celli, the viola seldom gets the spotlight and has been the butt of many an orchestral joke. This episode we talk about a beautiful and often misunderstood inner voice of the orchestra with the help of some of our amazing ESO violists. “Tune in” as we answer the age old questions: What is a viola? What makes them so unique? And why-oh-why are there so many viola jokes? 

Featuring the voices of Principal Violist Keith Hamm and Assistant Principal Violist Ethan Filner.  


You can find the transcript of this episode here


Show Notes: 


Sensational Strings - Summer Day Camps at the Winspear Centre 


Rusty Musicians - Summer Camp 


YONA’s Road to Joy Fundraising Concert


Keith Hamm 



Beethoven - Eyeglasses Duo for Viola and Cello | Keith Hamm & Julie Hereish 


Keith Spotify Playlist 


Ethan Filner 



Two Pieces for Violin and Viola | Ewald Cheung & Ethan Filner 


Ethan Spotify Playlist 


The Strad 

The History of the Viola Joke 



Why is the VIola the Butt of so Many Jokes? 


Carl Rahkonen 

No Laughing Matter: The Viola Joke as Musicians Folklore 


New World Symphony 

Viola Visions Festival 


National Music Museum: Rivinus Viola 


National Music Museum: Tenor Viola 


The Met Museum: Viola d’Amore 


The Met Museum: Viola da Gamba 


Berliner Philharmoniker Master Class - Viola 


The New York Times 

This is What a $45 Million Viola Sounds Like 

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