Ep 7 - From the Podium

55m | Apr 1, 2021

What are conductors up to on the podium, anyways? This episode we speak to four conductors in Canada to find out! Join us as they share stories, tips, and insights from on-and-off the podium - answering common questions and debunking some myths about the profession. (Bonus!) Musicologist Dave Baker speaks to us about some of the history of the ever-changing role of conductors over time. 

Featuring the voices of ESO Chief Conductor Alex Prior, ESO Assistant Conductor and Community Ambassador Cosette Justo Valdés, 

Allegra Chamber Orchestra Conductor and Music Director Janna Sailor, ESO Musicologist Dave Baker.

Artist in Residence and Community Ambassador at Symphony Nova Scotia/Barrett Principal Education Conductor & Community Ambassador with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra Daniel Bartholomew-Poyser.  

Show Notes

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