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This podcast is about chatting, debating, and avoiding any crisis that may come up. All Links Needed


Our inner nerd is showing
Show Details35min 39s
The Great Return
Show Details26min 39s
Quick update
Show Details1min 1s
Music, Movie, and TV Show Favorites
Show Details44min 18s
Keto, Airlift, and The Suicide Squad!
Show Details41min 59s
Music Times
Show Details32min 58s
Games/Food Battle 2021
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Movies from books and games.
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The Funko Goes Pop
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Five Nights At Frankies
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Getting Real
Show Details1hr 29min
The Green Tapes
Show Details37min 36s
The Couch Chronicles
Show Details36min 53s
What covid took away
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Oh My Youth
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Zelda Debate
Show Details33min 41s
Did this election need a DDT?
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