PREQUEL - Are You Toxic? - Our Toxic Stories & Handling Toxicity in Others and Yourself

Season 1 | Episode 1
1h 5m | Aug 31, 2022

Are you a toxic person?

Spoiler: everyone is sometimes - but that doesn't mean they can't change

In this episode, Crystal and David share the true stories that inspired their video 'Are You a Toxic Person?' and discuss the challenges they faced when dealing with toxicity in their lives.

What is it like to be around a toxic person? What does it mean to be toxic yourself? And how should you deal with toxicity in others and yourself?

Crystal and David answer all these questions—plus some more!


At the time of filming, she was only about 1/3 of the way through the book. She has since finished it and we need to urge please read this book with a grain of salt. The beginning is thoughtful, helpful, and fascinating, but there are aspects of this book that are extremely harmful (it later dangerously speaks about self healing and foregoing medicine, that you're soley responsible if the world outside of you is bad, ect.). We're not going to list the name of the book for these reasons. But do note that we mention it in other episodes and to please avoid reading it unless you have a pre established, grounded spiritual education that's rooted in reality. In the future, we'll avoid mentioning books we haven't finished unless there's a disclaimer.

Lastly, we had a quick note around 28:22 - Crystal mentions that men have more testosterone and we want to acknowledge that this may not always be the case because gender is a spectrum. Some men don't have that and some women do, which makes the discussion all the more relevant! The primary point Crystal was attempting to make was in reference to those in hyper stereotypical cis circumstances. Specifically the goal was for those in those circumstances (who may not know that truth) to see a new way of engaging with their mentality as it pertains to their physical experience.

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