EP 10 | Discernment Checklist: Part Two - Cutting Through the Spiritual Clutter

Season 2 | Episode 10
35m | May 13, 2023

Get ready to dive deeper as we continue discuss Crystal's discernment checklist. We return to cut through the clutter of the spiritual world and its information overload, offering you practical guidance in your spiritual journey that also resonates in everyday life.

We venture into the grey areas of spiritual commerce, drawing a clear line between fair compensation and exploitation. We'll tackle the importance of scrutinizing the sources of spiritual teachings, shedding light on the flood of misinformation fueled by platforms rewarding quantity over quality.

As we navigate through the murkiness, we'll emphasize the vital role of seeking evidence in spiritual spaces, where definitive proof can be elusive. Closing on a balanced note, we acknowledge that not everything is strictly black or white. We explore how one can still derive invaluable insights from a source, despite its potential shortcomings or biases.

Join us as we empower you with tools to differentiate between spiritual wisdom and the noise, enabling you to forge your path with clarity and confidence.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Hollie Jordan (Meditation w/ Nice Voice):

Dan Mclellan (Religious Deconstruction):

Yemane Arieon (Quantum Psychics & Spirituality):

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