EP 8: Overcoming Inner Blockages: Personal Stories for Psychic Evolution

Season 2 | Episode 8
41m | Apr 22, 2023

In this candid and compelling episode, we dive deep into our personal journeys of psychic development. We share the highs and lows, triumphs and challenges we've faced up to this point.

Crystal spills the tea on her latest training courses and the intriguing new exercise she's been trying out, involving a game of truths and a single lie. She also dishes on her new mentor's wisdom, revealing the mysterious concept of soul colors and how they can unlock the full potential of psychic abilities.

Meanwhile, David gets real and vulnerable as he opens up about his struggles with meditation and the surprising roadblock that's been holding him back: people pleasing. Discover how this common issue has impacted his growth, not just in his psychic abilities but also in his personal life.

This heartfelt episode is a must-listen for anyone on a spiritual journey, packed with personal stories, practical advice, and a healthy dose of sass. Join us as we navigate the ever-evolving world of psychic development and explore what it truly takes to overcome inner blockages and flourish on a deeper level.

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