EP 4: The Basics of Energy Work and Psychic Abilities

31m | Mar 25, 2023

Time to delve into the mysterious and fascinating world of energy work! In this episode, we break down the basics and explore the fascinating connections between energy in the world around us and what that has to do with psychic ability and spirituality.

We touched on energy work in the last episode - so today we’re diving a bit deeper into the basics.

We’re far from scientists, so there isn’t any fancy science jargon that make your head spin. We'll be keeping it simple and approachable by breaking down the concepts of why managing your energetic space with grounding, quantum entanglement is so important in a way that anyone can understand.

So whether you're a seasoned energy worker or a skeptic looking to learn more, there’s something to learn in this one.

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I'm Psychic, I Guess...?