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Three Things in Search (an SEO podcast)

Three Things in Search is a weekly-ish SEO podcast by Pedro Dias. It's information overload out there. If you often ask yourself what are the main 3 things that happened in search this week and you should care about, this is likely the podcast you're looking for.


9. MFI move will resume soon + Blocking previously crawled URLs + Zero Clicks Search Results
Show Details18min 28s
8. Google News Full Coverage in search + Google free Hotel listings + Technically Indexed vs Practically Indexed
Show Details14min 42s
7. Indexing Pagination + Pyramid Navigation Structure + Rich Results and Quality
Show Details12min 21s
6. Category Listings VS Individual Pages + Mobile-First Indexing Deadline + Benefits of longer Title Tags
Show Details10min 18s
5. Google JS Redirects + Core Web Vitals Impact + Search Central Conference
Show Details11min 26s
4. Manual Actions in Google News & Discover + Google Images Improvements + Google Passage Ranking
Show Details10min 23s
3. Core Web Vitals + More about results + Discover data from Chrome
Show Details7min 23s
2. Google's Indexing Issues; Web Stories Guidelines and its Future
Show Details11min 28s
1. Google and News Publishers in France; Australia; New Google 3rd party cookie alternative
Show Details18min 36s