Deewan Arabic Podcast

This podcast is for Levantine colloquial Arabic students of all levels, who are looking to improve their listening and speaking skills and who want to expand their vocabulary and Arabic knowledge. During the podcast episodes, Deewan team are going to interview Arabic students and locals to Amman and the Levant region, and they are going to talk about different topics, especially those that interest Arabic learners, as well as the personal experiences of the people they speak to.


Retired But Not Tired! (Beginner)
Show Details13min 32s
Arabic, Religion and the Middle East (Intermediate)
Show Details28min 8s
Tango (Intermediate)
Show Details18min 25s
Culture vs. Culture (Intermediate/Advanced)
Show Details27min 5s
Ready for Takeoff (Beginner High/Intermediate Low)
Show Details11min 2s
Fitness! Not So First (Intermediate/Advanced)
Show Details14min 3s
Cross-Continental Conversations (Intermediate/Advanced)
Show Details54min 47s
To Palestine, With Love (Intermediate / Advanced)
Show Details33min 20s
How To Be Vegetarian in Jordan (Beginner high/Intermediate)
Show Details20min 12s
Season 2 Introduction (English & Arabic)
Show Details5min 26s
Refugee Situation in Europe (Intermediate / Advanced)
Show Details37min 34s
A Latina and Arabic (Beginner High/Intermediate Low)
Show Details14min 48s
The Jordanian Heritage (Intermediate /Advanced Levels)
Show Details32min 26s
Cooking Is Not My Thing! (Beginner High Level)
Show Details9min 6s
Having A Dog In Jordan (Beginner/Intermediate)
Show Details17min 31s
My Routine as a Mom (Intermediate Level)
Show Details21min 4s
Racism & Equality (Advanced Level)
Show Details58min 41s
My Studies & Arabic (Inter & Adv Level)
Show Details38min 12s
My Story With Arabic (Intermediate Level)
Show Details25min 19s
My life in Jordan (Beginner High Level)
Show Details21min 53s
Introduction English & Arabic
Show Details6min 53s