ELIAS - ZINE 1. “Yes, We Exist!”

49m | Dec 16, 2023

Wassup mi gente! Join me on this episode as I sit down and talk with Elias Rischmawi - a prolific Queer Palestinian activist and artist.

on this episode, we dive into a bunch of different topics including Elias’ activism work - especially their pop up dinners in NY for Palestinian education, what it means for them to be Palestinian, the influence of social media on the liberation movement, intersectionality of liberation movements, demystifying Islam, what steps we should - as a collective - be taking next and so much more.

This interview is one of four interviews that are part of the “Cultura Zine series” whose first edition is dedicated to Falasteen. Stay tuned for the rest of the interviews and for the launch of the zine!

Big thank you to our dear friend Elias for not only everything they do for the community but also for allowing us - Cultura - to be vessel to share their stories. Make sure to follow them on instagram (papuhabeeb__) and support their activism work!

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