VALENTINA - ZINE 3. “Palestine Will Be Free”

1h 4m | Jan 2, 2024

Wassup mi gente, we are here with the third and FINAL episode of the “Cultura” Zine Series.

In this episode it is my honor to have a prominent and dedicated activist and advocate for the Palestinian Movement, Valentine Jadue on the phone for this episode.

Join us as we, of course, talk about the current progress of the Palestinian liberation movement that has captured the hearts and TV/phone screens of millions of people across the globe.

We discuss the reality of the international financial nature of war, the symbiotic relationships of capitalism and consumerism and the “profit over people” philosophy, the US’s ongoing role in this genocide, disruptive action we the people can take as far as Boycotting and Divesting, the reality of a police-less state, and the importance of unity in this movement.

“Palestine WILL be free” - Valentina.

This interview was one of three interviews that are part of the “Cultura Zine Series” whose first edition is dedicated to talking about and uplifting Falasteen. Thank you to everyone who supported this project and stay tuned for the launch of the digital Zine!

Huge Thank You to Valentina for making time despite her incredibly busy and active schedule. Im incredibly appreciative for your voice and perspective, I admire the work you do and I thank you for your wisdom, knowledge and contribution to this project. Make sure to follow Valentina on instagram to stay updated on Palestinian happenings, and support her activism work! @valentinajadue on instagram.

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