RICO - ZINE 2. “Our Fights Are Connected”

42m | Dec 20, 2023

WASSUP MI GENTE! Join me as I sit down and talk with my dear friend and fellow comrade in liberation - Rico the DON - a proud Miami native of Haitian descent, as we mainly discuss the intersectionality of liberation movements and the importance of ALLYSHIP!

We take a look into the ways social media shaped and redirected Rico’s personal journey into Palestinian liberation, the days of BLM, what it means to take to the streets, the interconnectedness of ALL Liberation struggles, and the “AHA” moments as he recalls seeing Palestinian comrades wearing the iconic Keffiyeh during the BLM movements here in Miami in 2020.

Our Fights Are Connected.

This interview is part one of four interviews that are part of the “Cultura Zine Series” whose first edition is dedicated to talking about Falasteen. Stay tuned for the rest of the interviews and for the launch of the zine!

Big ups and all my love to my boy Rico for your time and wisdom and for all the ways you show up in your community and friendships. Make sure to follow the BOY @ricothedon__ and show him some love!

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