Breezy Brides - A Destination Wedding Podcast

When I was first starting to plan our wedding in 2016 I was shocked at the lack of resources there were for brides planning a destination wedding.

I had a million questions. How am I supposed to pick between hundreds of resorts? Are these pictures really as nice as they seem or could I be ripped off? What if someone in my family has never left the country before? Needless to say, I pulled off the wedding of our dreams, but it was more difficult than I anticipated.

That's where Breezy Brides came to life. I want it to be easy for destination wedding brides to plan their wedding. I'm here to answer the many questions behind destination wedding etiquette, how to travel with your wedding dress, and everything in between. Subscribe so I can make your destination wedding planning a breeze!


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Should You Visit the Resort Before Your Destination Wedding?
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An Intro to Breezy Brides
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