Burn Heal

The Screen Splitters used Burn Heal! It was super effective!

Hosted by David, Omar, Steve, and Luke. Weekly episodes consisting in gaming chat, random ramblings, and, sometimes, actual topics.

The podcast may contain strong language.


Burn Heal Ep 12 - Electronic Chip Shortage, Disney+ Day, StreamLabs is bad and SEGA wants you to smell like Sonic!
Show Details57min 44s
Burn Heal Ep 10 - The Nostalgia Episode!
Show Details1hr 17min
Burn Heal Ep 11 - GTA Trilogy bad, GPU Heist bad, New Games and Mods good
Show Details1hr 4min
Burn Heal Ep 9 - Oculus Quest Pro, Sackboy PC, GeForce on Xbox and Nvidia in a phone box
Show Details1hr 5min
Burn Heal ep 8 - More Resident Evil 4, Jailbroken Oculus and GTA Trilogy Remaster
Show Details52min 54s
Burn Heal Ep 7 - Avowed, Animal Crossing DLC, Sherlock Holmes & X Box does well in Japan
Show Details1hr 6min
Burn Heal Ep 6 - Sly 5 rumours, TimeSplitters, Choo Choo spiders and protecting Slavic forests as a Leshy
Show Details54min 46s
Burn Heal Ep 5 - New World Review, Resident Evil 4 VR & DokeV or Pokemon Hunter
Show Details58min 3s
Burn Heal Ep4 - Wireless Retro Controllers, Nintendo Online Games & New Mario Bros Film??
Show Details52min 50s
Burn Heal Ep3 - Spiders and Wolves and Fat Thor. Wait, what?
Show Details53min 38s
Burn Heal Ep 2 - Work From Home, Heat Your Tendies With The KFConsol, No Steam!
Show Details1hr 24min
Burn Heal Ep 1 - Halo, Blizzard's downhill fall, and do insults hurt?
Show Details56min 24s