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Isn't It Past Your Bedtime?

A Book Lovers Podcast. For Book Lovers, by book lovers.

Every fortnight, Kristia and Rachael, two long-distance besties chat about the books they stayed up way too late reading. Listen to see which ones were totally worth the loss of sleep and which ones, well, weren't.

Send us your book recommendations to and you might just get a chance to hear our thoughts!

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Episode 88 - Peter Pan is Not a Good Man
Show Details37min 10s
Episode 87 - The Book Was Better
Show Details27min 16s
Episode 86 - Happy Halloween!
Show Details28min 49s
Little Haunted Houses
Show Details17min 43s
Episode 85 - True Crime
Show Details36min 45s
Little Haunted House
Show Details15min 3s
Episode 84 - Magical Realism
Show Details36min 39s
Episode 83 - Wait, Wasn't That a Podcast?
Show Details28min 2s
Episode 82 - Water aka H20h
Show Details33min 22s
Episode 81 - Biographies
Show Details37min 9s
Episode 80 - Fun in the Sun
Show Details26min 22s
Short Books & Short Episodes
Show Details17min 24s
Episode 79 - Feelin' the Feels
Show Details33min 22s
Mini Books = Mini Eps
Show Details12min 15s
Episode 78 - Reese Witherspoon Book Club
Show Details36min 41s
Episode 77 - M is for Murder
Show Details38min 33s
Episode 76 - April Showers & May Flowers
Show Details58min 49s
Poetry Minis (2)
Show Details20min 9s
Episode 75 - The Silver Tsunami
Show Details42min 34s
Poetry Minis (1)
Show Details15min 12s
Episode 72 - Revenge, Best Served Cold
Show Details45min 54s
Episode 71 - Spring is here!
Show Details45min 30s
Episode 70 - Birth-month Books
Show Details39min 50s
Episode 69 - Celebrating Black Authors
Show Details47min 32s
Another Lovely Little Mini
Show Details18min 48s
Episode 68 - Groundhog Day
Show Details47min 20s
Lovely Little Mini
Show Details14min 48s
Episode 67 - Dual Authors
Show Details39min
Episode 66 - New Year New Authors
Show Details35min 13s
Episode 65 - Nordic Noir
Show Details43min 43s
Another Winter Mini
Show Details20min 37s
Episode 64 - Historical Fiction
Show Details50min 39s
Winter Minis
Show Details21min 2s
Episode 63 - Mythology
Show Details1hr 11min
Episode 62 - Political Thrillers
Show Details37min 2s
Episode 61 - Domestic Thrillers
Show Details47min 8s
True Spooks (2)
Show Details32min 51s
Episode 60 - Fright Night
Show Details48min 29s
True Spooks (1)
Show Details41min 14s
Episode 59 - The King is Scared
Show Details45min 11s
Episode 58 - Science Fiction
Show Details36min 43s
Episode 57 - Back to School
Show Details49min 14s
Episode 56 - New York Times Best Sellers
Show Details46min 13s
Graphic Novel Mini! (2)
Show Details22min 14s
Episode 55 - Inside the FBI
Show Details59min 50s
Graphic Novel Minis! (1)
Show Details22min 8s
Episode 54 - Vacations Gone Awry
Show Details26min 31s
Episode 53 - Summer Time!
Show Details26min 36s
Episode 52 - Name Twins
Show Details32min 15s
Audio Short Stories (2)
Show Details18min 16s
Episode 51 - Plenty of Books in the Sea
Show Details45min 29s
Audio Short Stories
Show Details19min 29s
Episode 50 - Twisted Fairytales
Show Details38min 9s
Episode 49 - Memoirs
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 48 - Magical Education
Show Details54min 50s
YA! It's Our Last April Mini
Show Details13min 30s
Episode 47 - Witch Fantasy
Show Details32min 36s
YA It's Another Mini!
Show Details21min 3s
Episode 46 - Wait! That's a Book?!
Show Details37min 44s
YA It's a Mini!
Show Details14min 6s
Episode 45 - Birthday Books
Show Details36min 49s
Episode 44 - (Don't) Judge a Book by it's Cover
Show Details58min 16s
Episode 43 - BIPOC Authors
Show Details34min 9s
Lil Love Bytes (2)
Show Details20min 2s
Blind Date With a Book
Show Details36min 30s
Lil Love Byte (1)
Show Details12min 32s
Tackling Our TBR
Show Details28min 54s
The Gift of Reading
Show Details31min 46s
It's a New Year!
Show Details48min 40s
Festive Minis (2)
Show Details15min 41s
Episode 38 - The Classics
Show Details40min 50s
Festive Minis (1)
Show Details18min 52s
Episode 37 - Getting Cozy
Show Details1hr 9min
Episode 36 - Family Dynamics
Show Details51min 15s
Episode 35 - Favorite Authors
Show Details44min 9s
Three Mini Spook Spook
Show Details49min 25s
Episode 34 - Scary AF
Show Details42min 46s
Two Mini Spook Spook
Show Details37min 1s
Episode 33 - Psychological Thrillers
Show Details42min 16s
One Mini Spook Spook
Show Details17min 23s
Episode 32 - YA We Read Banned Books
Show Details1hr 12min
Episode 31 - Fun Listens
Show Details45min 57s
Episode 30 - Book vs Movie: Terrible Leading Ladies
Show Details42min 33s
Two Summer Lovin's
Show Details23min 8s
Episode 29 - Random Reads
Show Details40min 26s
One Summer Lovin'
Show Details16min 29s
Episode 28 - Christmas in July
Show Details46min 59s
Episode 27 - End of the World
Show Details1hr 32min
Episode 26 - Medical Non-Fiction
Show Details54min 28s
Quarantine Crime Fiction 2.0
Show Details14min 15s
Episode 25 - Coming of Age
Show Details59min 17s
Quarantine Crime Fiction
Show Details12min 4s
Episode 24 - Audible Originals
Show Details51min 5s
Episode 23 - As Seen on TV
Show Details38min 37s
Episode 22 - We'd Rather Be...
Show Details48min 33s
Book Vs Movie: Worst Ever III
Show Details41min 59s
Episode 21 - Weekend Reads
Show Details47min 18s
Book vs Movie: Worst Ever (again)
Show Details26min 59s
Episode 20 - Quarantine Reads
Show Details44min 17s
Book v. Movie: Worst Ever
Show Details22min 22s
Episode 19 - Birthday Books
Show Details1hr 29min
Episode 18 - Book v Movie: Irish Edition 🇮🇪
Show Details2hr
Episode 17 - Blind Date with a Book
Show Details52min 45s
Our Second Love Letter
Show Details1hr 5min
Episode 16 - Authors of Color
Show Details1hr 2min
Our First Love Letter
Show Details26min 10s
Episode 15 - New Year New Releases
Show Details58min 12s
Episode 14 - The Gift of Reading
Show Details45min 58s
Episode 13 - New Year, New Us (Almost)
Show Details53min 58s
Cozisode No. 2
Show Details16min 31s
Episode 12 - It's the Holiday Season
Show Details56min 13s
Cozisode No. 1
Show Details25min 56s
Episode 11 - What's On Our Shelf
Show Details58min 55s
Episode 10 - We're Excited About These Ones
Show Details32min 23s
Episode 09 - True Crime
Show Details43min 4s
Campfire Stories #3
Show Details27min 10s
Episode 08 - We Don't Scare Easily
Show Details27min 27s
Campfire Stories #2
Show Details18min 47s
Episode 07 - King of Horror
Show Details45min 37s
Campfire Stories #1
Show Details19min 5s
Episode 06 - Banned Book Week
Show Details42min 57s
Episode 05 - Back to School
Show Details39min 30s
Episode 04 - The Androgynous Protagonist
Show Details36min 27s
Episode 03 - Beach Reads
Show Details36min 34s
Episode 02 - Christmas in July
Show Details33min 16s
Episode 01 - It's Our Pilot!
Show Details15min 19s
Episode 00 - Intro
Show Details44s