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Religion Unplugged

Religion explored through candid conversations and original reporting. This podcast is powered by The Media Project, a network of more than 1,000 journalists worldwide. TMP acknowledges that religion is growing and becoming more, not less important in the world.


The Religion of Woke America Misses God and forgiveness
Show Details45min 20s
Chris Broussard talks about faith, basketball and seeking Jesus
Show Details36min 37s
On The Ground: An Interview With Jehu Kitoli
Show Details42min
The Patrician Father of Kenyan Running
Show Details54min 57s
On the Ground: An interview with Israel's Ambassador to Kenya
Show Details20min 56s
A Visit To The Latter-Day Saints ‘Wizard Of Oz’ Temple In Washington DC
Show Details1min 42s
The 2022 EJI Freedom of the Press Award
Show Details28min 46s
Running on Faith: Mary Keitany
Show Details28min 12s
Running on Faith: Pentecostal Pastors John and Philip
Show Details30min 2s
African Pentecostalism vs. "Fake Pastors"
Show Details27min 58s
Adding a Templeton Prize to a Nobel and a MacArthur
Show Details36min 18s
The Family Roe
Show Details53min 38s
Religion, Fertility and the Future with Dr. Philip Jenkins
Show Details39min 26s
The Future of Prison Reform Amid Crime Panic
Show Details29min 47s
Unpacking Myths About Russian History and Orthodoxy
Show Details45min 39s
A Texas pastor wants evangelicals to forge ties with Muslims and Jews. Will they listen?
Show Details15min 30s
Ukraine Prepares to Stand Against a Bully
Show Details39min 16s
Oxygen for All
Show Details13min 1s
The Students’ Islamic Organization's Fight Against COVID Inequalities
Show Details11min 33s
How Jesuits are Helping Refugees Find Stability in India
Show Details10min 57s
The Harm of Blasphemy Laws in Europe and the Middle East
Show Details21min 20s
The Bowery Mission Works Through the Holidays
Show Details25min 38s
In India, a Caravan of Love Fights Hatred and Hunger
Show Details14min
Franklin's Statue For Black Soldiers Sparks Discussion in Churches
Show Details25min 2s
Right to Education and Phones
Show Details10min 58s
Religious About Jabs
Show Details12min 48s
The State of Religion and Young People 2021
Show Details27min 53s
Death (Doesn’t) Do Us Part
Show Details12min 40s
Finding Rest in an Anxiety Inducing World
Show Details39min 17s
How Will Afghanistan's Next Chapter be Written?
Show Details28min 43s
Getting out of Afghanistan
Show Details35min 50s
How do you help the homeless and mentally ill in America?
Show Details29min 17s
After War, Where Do I Go?
Show Details33min 38s
Reclaiming Christianity - Connecting to Its African Roots
Show Details27min 4s
How Faith Leaders Can Curb Gen Z’s Loneliness
Show Details25min 57s
Book Launch: The Bible
Show Details38min
Feed Drop: Warren Smith and Paul Glader discuss Preachers and Plagiarism
Show Details17min 50s
What Christians Got Wrong about Sex Trafficking
Show Details33min 1s
Street Hymns Explains Christian Battle Rap
Show Details42min 10s
The Acton Institute on the Future of Technology and Faith
Show Details19min 28s
Feed Drop: Harold Camping and Anti-Vaxxers
Show Details22min 39s
Ryan Anderson and Carlo Lancellotti discuss the Equality Act
Show Details32min 35s
Ryan Anderson and Margaret McCarthy discuss the Equality Act
Show Details29min 52s
Ryan Anderson and Mary Hasson discuss the Equality Act
Show Details30min 39s
Prayer in the Night
Show Details27min 55s
Universal Lessons From The Passover
Show Details25min 57s
How The Leimena Institute is Healing Religious Divides
Show Details25min 39s
Feed Drop: The Museum Of The Bible's Ancient Hebrew Prayer Book
Show Details22min
Seeking the Truth About Ethiopia’s Crisis
Show Details52min 17s
The Evolution of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships
Show Details21min 42s
Sarah Collins Rudolph, The Fifth Girl
Show Details19min
Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps to Ruin
Show Details42min 49s
QAnon’s Deception in the Charismatic Church
Show Details17min 47s
The future of American Christianity after Jan. 6
Show Details31min 38s
Nagorno Karabakh: The Looming Threat of another Armenian Genocide
Show Details36min 13s
Feed Drop: Jericho March and Prison Fellowship’s Angel Tree ministry
Show Details26min
Is This The Way? 'The Mandalorian' Questions Religious Tradition
Show Details39min 10s
Bevelyn Beatty, Black Paint And BLM
Show Details24min 25s
Jesus. A World History
Show Details21min 32s
Rainn Wilson: The Bahaʼi Faith and a call for unity
Show Details32min 47s
Three presidents in a week. A Christian perspective about the Peruvian political crisis.
Show Details27min 26s
Feed Drop: Looking Outward on Religion and Politics After the Election
Show Details35min 56s
The 2020 Election and the Future of the Religious Voter
Show Details44min 16s
Shoot for the Middle. Self Protection for Regular People in an Era of Extremism
Show Details23min 29s
Feed Drop: Amy Coney Barrett and New Shifts in Religion & Politics
Show Details34min 48s
Global StoryMakers and the Road to a Billion Books
Show Details15min 42s
Before You Leave: a plea to young Christians
Show Details28min 42s
COVID Times, A New Jesus Movement
Show Details24min 51s
Ben Quash: Why The Future Is Bright For Art & Religion
Show Details43min 52s
Anne Hendershott: What does Christianity and New York City look like After COVID?
Show Details25min 53s
Feed Drop: The Rise & Fall of Jerry Falwell Jr.
Show Details36min 25s
Glenda White & The West Freeway Church Shooting: Looking back and looking forward
Show Details28min 22s
Justin Scheck: Blood and Oil
Show Details34min 44s
FEED DROP: Ministry Watch
Show Details27min 13s
Jordan Ritter Conn: The Road From Raqqa
Show Details24min 34s
Alexei Lidov: The Cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces and the future of the Russian Orthodox Church
Show Details41min 13s
Rod Carew: A new memoir on health, faith and baseball.
Show Details22min 52s
Small Town, Big Impact: John Miller on Moundsville’s Past and Present
Show Details16min 48s
How to Heal America: Civil Rights Activist and Minister John Perkins
Show Details31min 10s
An Artist's Reflections on Suffering and Redemption
Show Details27min 10s
How South Africa is managing COVID-19
Show Details26min 18s
Prepper or prepared?
Show Details20min 4s
Kyle Harper: The Black Death and COVID19
Show Details57min 40s
COVID-19 Part 2: Stories from North America, South America, Africa & Asia
Show Details15min 42s
COVID-19 Part 1: Stories from North America, Europe, Africa & Asia
Show Details25min 46s
Vishal Arora: The rise of Hindu nationalism
Show Details19min 27s
Two Women Using the Christian Church in Africa for Social Good
Show Details20min 28s
Chris Moody: The Spiritual Wisdom From Life on The Road
Show Details28min 7s
Tabitha Bühne: Ab morgen bin ich schön! (I Will be Beautiful Tomorrow!)
Show Details22min 48s
Samuel Brunson: Whistleblower Alleges $100 Billion Secret Stockpile By Mormon Church
Show Details25min 57s
Jeffrey Alan Miller: A New Discovery of the King James Bible
Show Details42min 10s
Emeka Izeze Gets a Driver's License
Show Details24min 38s
Tim Pool says he is not religious, but has views on lots of other matters
Show Details46min 11s
What Happened when this man tried to live Literally by the Old Testament for a year?
Show Details33min 58s
An Interview with Brazil’s feminist Christian author
Show Details27min 40s
Kieran Dodds: A New Look at Ancient Religion in Ethiopia
Show Details31min 23s
Steven Waldman: American faith once solved the problem of religious violence
Show Details55min 37s
Deep Dive Answers About Sri Lanka's Easter Attacks
Show Details35min 7s
Christianity in Africa
Show Details34min 27s
How Christians stopped killing each other in N. Ireland
Show Details11min 57s
ISIS in Africa
Show Details20min 28s
The Desert and the Sea
Show Details27min 13s
Finding Truth in Song
Show Details28min 11s
A Bullet Through The Brain
Show Details12min 18s
Never Forget: Clemente Lisi looks back at the 9/11 attacks to educate future generations
Show Details14min 16s