59: How to Pray Through Health Anxiety

12m | Oct 7, 2022

Health anxiety can feel as common as breathing. Underneath every new sensation in the body is the question, “Could that be serious?” There’s no twitch, sharp pain or symptom that doesn’t cause a bit of uneasiness if only under the surface. It’s hard to be naturally joyful when that headache feels “different” today like it could be a brain aneurysm or something else serious. It’s hard to be optimistic when you feel like a magnetic charge is pulling you to every disease or disorder. 

The Lord has taken me on an incredible journey through health anxiety. I’ve conquered many of the things that used to stress me out, like that side pain that lasts a few days, or the blurry vision that’s just a result of a dry contact. I’ve graduated to a new level of learning to trust God through longer term health issues that seem to have no concrete explanation.

Today, I wanted to share how I pray for health anxiety in hopes it will help you too, but I also hope what I share will help those who know someone with it so I can maybe put into words this struggle.

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