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The Simply Human Podcast

Mark and Rick helping humans discover just how simple being a healthy human really is. Eat like a human. Move like a human. Sleep like a human. Enjoy a human.


#247 Dr Sandra Scheinbaum Interview & Mark Goes to a Movie
Show Details49min 42s
#246 Kathleen Trotter Interview & Urban's Wig
Show Details51min 37s
#245 Dr Joe Nieusma Interview & Some New Commercials
Show Details44min 5s
#244 Jodi Cohen Interview & Mark Steals Pizza
Show Details51min 42s
#243 Jen Broyles Interview & Rick Takes a Spill
Show Details47min 42s
#242 Luce Brett Interview & Nameplate Talk
Show Details52min 36s
#241 Petia Kolibova Interview &
Show Details46min 49s
#240 Kirsten Beverley-Waters Interview & a Cactus Faceplant
Show Details45min 52s
#239 Jeff Chilton Interview & Hockey Talk
Show Details46min 6s
#238 Jennifer Maynard Interview & Mark Gets COVID
Show Details54min 47s
#237 Dr Jeff Gusky Interview & a Primary Contact
Show Details1hr 3min
#236 Jerry Yudelson Interview & Doing the Splits
Show Details53min 27s
#235 Will Moore Returns & Argumentative Teens
Show Details58min 42s
#234 Sukie Baxter Returns & Survival Talk
Show Details49min 12s
#233 Cyrus Khambatta Interview & Changing Sheets
Show Details57min
#232 Kate Galliett Interview & Witnessing Crimes
Show Details51min 54s
#231 Dr Rani Banik Interview & Fishing Talk
Show Details54min 26s
#230 Gunny Sodhi Interview & a Backyard Fire
Show Details53min 12s
#229 Dr Nima Rahmany Interview & Pet Names
Show Details57min 50s
#228 Kathleen Trotter Returns & Da Bulls
Show Details56min 57s
#227 Cory Muscara Interview & Your Favorite Room
Show Details59min 41s
#226 Chris Burres Interview & a YouTube Show
Show Details57min 7s
#225 Will Moore Interview & Durwood Pickle Talk
Show Details51min 56s
#224 Sukie Baxter Interview & a Letter From Rob
Show Details54min 6s
#223 Tara Youngblood Interview & a Prank Gone Wrong
Show Details55min 59s
#222 Dr Diva Nagula Interview & Online Group Games
Show Details51min
#221 Lonny Stormo Interview & COVID Talk
Show Details1hr 3min
#220 Manny Weintraub Interview & Door to Door Solicitation
Show Details49min 2s
#219 Dr Rudrani Banik Interview & Rick's Broken Computer
Show Details1hr 2min
#218 Brendan Synnott Interview & Holiday Break Talk
Show Details54min 26s
#217 Tim Campos Interview & a Zendaya Sighting
Show Details52min 13s
#216 Vanessa Lech Interview & Tae Kwan Do Talk
Show Details58min 41s
#215 Dr Anthony Beck Interview & a Dad Joke Derail
Show Details46min 14s
#214 Nicole Meline Interview & Camera Talk
Show Details58min 7s
#213 Reina Weiner Interview & Old Show Talk
Show Details34min 39s
#212 Dr Kerry Thuett Interview & the Tailgate Story
Show Details50min 29s
#211 Dr Josh Wagner & Time Travel Talk
Show Details42min 59s
#210 Joe De Sena Part II & an Awkward Encounter
Show Details44min 18s
#209 Dr Madan Kandula Interview & Fasting Talk
Show Details1hr 5min
#208 Elizabeth Benton Returns & a Trash Can Story
Show Details50min 45s
#207 Dr Ann Shippy Interview & A Book Fail
Show Details55min 36s
#206 Evan DeMarco Returns & 911 Talk
Show Details55min 23s
#205 Sean Holly Interview & Taming the Tiger
Show Details54min 54s
#204 Dr Ron Ehrlich Interview & Mark Visits Facebook
Show Details55min 27s
#203 Jason Seib Interview & Mark's Mic Mistake
Show Details54min 37s
#202 Dr Julie Kinn Interview & Mark Falls Down
Show Details51min 36s
#201 Dr Kent Sasse Interview & Easter Talk
Show Details54min 16s
#200 Lyle Haugen Interview & Nathan For You
Show Details53min 32s
#199 Trina Felber Interview & Funeral Talk
Show Details43min 2s
#198 Maggie Downie Interview & Rick's Birthday Present
Show Details54min 33s
#197 Kathleen Trotter Interview & A Surprise Party
Show Details1hr 1min
#196 Tom Incledon Interview & Rick's Big News
Show Details1hr 2min
#195 Grant Sabatier Interview & Super Bowl Talk
Show Details49min 48s
#194 Jonathan Bailor Interview & Rick Hasn't Seen Tombstone
Show Details47min 56s
#193 Rick Makes a Fool of Mark
Show Details20min 47s
#192 David Tomen Interview & Book Talk
Show Details48min 12s
#191 Anahata Ananda Interview & Mark Gets Rear-Ended
Show Details51min 40s
#190 Amy E. Smith Interview & Plucking Chickens
Show Details50min 33s
#189 Dr Eric Zielinski Interview & Rick Does it AGAIN
Show Details57min
#188 Dr. Stephen Cabral Interview & Mark's Mood
Show Details59min 2s
#187 Dr. Lynn Marie Morski Interview & Summer Love Talk
Show Details51min 33s
#186 Dr David Friedman Interview & Dad Jokes
Show Details47min 50s
#185 Dr Todd Sinett & Scary Movie Talk
Show Details53min 51s
#184 Brendon Lundberg
Show Details42min 50s
#183 Dr Ryan Nolan Interview & Rick's Confusion
Show Details41min 51s
#182 Dr Anthony Balduzzi Interview & Beach Talk
Show Details51min 8s
#181 Warren Cargal Interview & a New Website
Show Details41min 56s
#180 Dr Lewis & the Member Story
Show Details58min 56s
#179 Nagina Abdullah & a Weird Phone Call
Show Details44min 23s
#178 Dr Carolyn Dean & the Garage Snake
Show Details49min 2s
#177 Evan DeMarco and Rudy's Death
Show Details51min 55s
#176 Wendy Yellen Does the Thing to Rick
Show Details1hr 9min
#175 Cedric Bertelli and The Dirt Story
Show Details42min 33s
#174 Turkey Hunting & Gun Talk
Show Details34min 19s
#173 Magdalena Wszelaki
Show Details49min 41s
#172 Mitch Calvert and a Sponsor Announcement
Show Details49min 55s
#171 Dr Norm Robillard
Show Details49min 51s
#170 No Dumping Allowed
Show Details39min 7s
#169 Bill Ziske and Z Natural Life
Show Details38min 25s
#168 Travis Thomas & a School Lock Down
Show Details55min 39s
#167 Kate Galliett & Valentine's Day
Show Details44min 33s
#166 Mark & Rick Spitballing
Show Details34min 28s
#165 Dillon Cobb and the Jerk
Show Details33min 14s
#164 Stephen Baldridge & Old Man Jean Talk
Show Details43min 46s
Show Details36min 11s
#162 Mark & Rick Have a Conversation
Show Details31min 56s
#161 Michael Kohan Interview
Show Details43min 47s
#160 Funny Texts and a Rattlesnake
Show Details32min 46s
#159 Dr. Michael Ruscio Interview
Show Details54min 23s
#158 Dr Glenn Livingston & Ebay Talk
Show Details47min 51s
#157 Stealth Bomber, Rick's Cop Corner & Mother's Day
Show Details40min 40s
#156 The Tornado
Show Details28min 37s
#155 JJ Virgin & the Panchos Story
Show Details55min 35s
#154 Robb Wolf Interview
Show Details1hr 4min
#153 Fake News & the Thanksgiving Disaster
Show Details35min 22s
#152 Simply Human Podcast -- The Nike Thief
Show Details34min 51s
#151 The Immaculate Return
Show Details33min 25s
#150 Dave Hunt Interview & A Special Delivery
Show Details1hr 12min
#149 Ann Green Returns and A Code Brown
Show Details1hr 8min
#148 Brian Miller Interview & The Golf Cart Story
Show Details1hr 6min
#147 Jason Seib Talks Spiders & the Thumb Injury
Show Details1hr 10min
#146 Kate Galliett Returns & Humans in the News II
Show Details1hr 2min
#145 Elise Carr Interview & The Screw Driver Story
Show Details1hr 12min
#144 Dr. Marie-Claire Arrieta Interview & Idiots at the Lake
Show Details1hr 11min
#143 Yuri Elkaim Interview & the Human Lawn Dart
Show Details1hr 10min
#142 Lori Harder Interview & Lake Talk
Show Details1hr 7min
#141 Dr. Tim Martin Returns & Taser Talk
Show Details1hr 10min
#140 Joe De Sena Interview & Rooster at the Ranch
Show Details1hr 14min
#139 Dr. Lonnie Lowery Interview & the Elk Package Package
Show Details1hr 10min
#138 Rachel Adams Interview & the Ex-Lax Story
Show Details1hr 11min
#137 Ann Green Interview & When Dogs Atatck
Show Details1hr 8min
#136 Marcus Brown Interview & Idiots Impressing Girls
Show Details1hr 19min
#135 Anna Vocino Interview & The Ravenous Juicer
Show Details1hr 17min
#134 Chad Austin Interview & Childhood Lies
Show Details1hr 8min
#133 Bennie Wylie Interview & the Amazing Engagement
Show Details1hr 4min
#132 Justin Mares Interview & Killing Pets
Show Details1hr 4min
#131 Dr. Travis Thomas Interview & Reminiscing with Jackson
Show Details1hr 17min
#130 Kevin Geary Interview & the Toot Tent Proposal
Show Details1hr 8min
#129 Kate Galliett Interview & the Wal-Mart Beating
Show Details1hr 9min
#128 Best of Humans Being Human Part II
Show Details57min 26s
#127 Erin Cafaro MacKenzie Interview & the Nightmare Prank
Show Details1hr 21min
#126 Brian Mackenzie Interview & Smashing Junk
Show Details1hr 7min
#125 Evan Brand Interview & Marrying Strangers
Show Details1hr 5min
#124 Jenny Labaw Interview & Listener Stories
Show Details1hr 11min
#123 Dr. Kelly Starrett Returns & The Board Slide Tear
Show Details1hr 32min
#122 Dan John Interview & Burning Skin Talk
Show Details1hr 14min
#121 Jennie Jussaume Interview & ScatterShooting with Rob
Show Details1hr 14min
#120 Michele Laine Interview and Kristina Kid Talk
Show Details1hr 19min
#119 Michael Tamez Interview & When Mice Attack
Show Details1hr 12min
#118 Luke Norsworthy Interview & the Creepy Pizza Guy
Show Details1hr 10min
#117 Best of Humans Being Human
Show Details51min 58s
#116 Clark Miller Interview & The Prank Master
Show Details1hr 8min
#115 Molly Galbraith Interview & Texting Your Boss
Show Details1hr 5min
#114 Katy Bowman Interview & Hey! That's Not Flour
Show Details1hr 16min
#113 Shawn Stevenson Interview & Removal of a Corpse
Show Details1hr 18min
#112 Dave Wilton Interview & an Infuriating Key
Show Details1hr 13min
#111 Elizabeth Benton Interview & a Robot Attack
Show Details1hr 11min
#110 Jim Laird & the Resilient Prankster
Show Details1hr 8min
#109 Mark and Rick Answer Questions & Steven's Stall
Show Details1hr 17min
#108 Wil Fleming Talks ABCs & Ru El's Moped Adventure
Show Details1hr 10min
#107 Eva T Returns & Humans In The News
Show Details1hr 16min
#106 Doc Parsley Interview & Brotherly Love
Show Details1hr 6min
#105 Luke Norsworthy Returns for Gratitude Talk & Zach Attack
Show Details1hr 9min
#104 Kelsey Albers Interview & Thanksgiving Talk
Show Details1hr 10min
Simply Human Shorts #12 -- Programming
Show Details14min 59s
#103 Ryan and Jonathan of Cityside & Mark Gets Kicked
Show Details1hr 7min
#102 Chris Brannan Interview & The UpChucks
Show Details1hr 11min
#101 Kate Galliett Is Back & the Urban Prank Call
Show Details1hr 2min
#100 Mark Sisson Interview & Occupational Hazards
Show Details1hr 7min
#99 Jessica Dietch Sleep Interview & The Styrofoam Cup
Show Details1hr 3min
#98 Dr. Judson Brewer Interview & A Cancun Squirt
Show Details1hr 3min
Simply Human Shorts #11 -- Changing Habits
Show Details11min 15s
#97 Aaron Alexander Interview & Georgia/Bama Stories
Show Details1hr 6min
#96 Nate Summers Interview & Lonnie Restores
Show Details1hr 1min
#95 Jason Seib Talks AltShift & the Maggot Freezer
Show Details1hr 7min
Simply Human Shorts #10 -- Cultivating Consistency
Show Details12min 11s
#94 Dr Michael Ruscio Interview & the Airplane Diaper
Show Details1hr 19min
Simply Human Shorts #9 -- Too Much Fat?
Show Details8min 1s
#93 Kate Galliett Convo & an Open Heart Disaster
Show Details1hr 4min
#92 Mike Ritter Interview & The Stakeout
Show Details57min
#91 Michelle Richards Interview & a Mistaken Identity
Show Details59min 53s
Simply Human Shorts #8 -- Intermittent Fasting
Show Details15min 29s
#90 Jayson and Mira Calton Interview & a BBQ Panic
Show Details1hr 1min
Simply Human Shorts #7 -- Soy
Show Details9min 34s
#89 Jonathan Bailor Interview and House Pets
Show Details1hr 1min
Simply Human Shorts #6 -- Treats
Show Details10min 56s
#88 Jon Smith Interview and Getting Distracted
Show Details1hr 7min
Simply Human Shorts -- Workout Basics
Show Details12min 33s
#87 Dr. Tim Martin Interview and Job Rob Talk
Show Details1hr 10min
#86 Jackie Price Interview and Pool Problems
Show Details1hr 1min
Simply Human Shorts -- Meditation
Show Details11min 52s
#85 Lucy Hendricks Interview and Musings with Rob
Show Details1hr 10min
Simply Human Shorts -- Movement
Show Details11min 9s
#84 Justin Goodhart Interview & Below the Waist
Show Details1hr 8min
Simply Human Shorts - Sleep Basics
Show Details11min 3s
#83 Glen Cordoza Interview & The Kidney Stone
Show Details1hr
Simply Human Shorts -- Eat Like a Human
Show Details13min 11s
#82 Rafe Kelley Interview and "Ask Me Anything"
Show Details1hr 13min
#81 Glute Talk with Kate Galliett & a Generic Youth Minister Sighting
Show Details1hr 12min
#80 Susan McCauley Interview and a Brutal Assault
Show Details1hr 13min
#79 Dr. Claire Sexton Interview and TV Talk
Show Details1hr 9min
#78 Kate Galliett and Charles Mayfield Interview and Mark Calls His Mom
Show Details1hr 5min
#77 Listener Questions and Cousin Zach
Show Details1hr 16min
#76 Jordan Black Interview and a Dog Chase
Show Details1hr 3min
#75 Kristi Cheek Interview and Mark Struts
Show Details57min 44s
#74 Kendall Kendrick Interview and The Diabetes Podcast
Show Details1hr
#73 Aglaee Jacob Interview and Kate's Adventure
Show Details57min 42s
#72 Kate Galliett Talks Shoulders & Mark Commits a Felony
Show Details1hr 1min
#71 Jim Laird Interview and The Prank Call
Show Details1hr 11min
#70 Dr. Shewmaker Interview & Denial Stories with Rob
Show Details1hr 3min
#69 Braid Blanks Interview and John Doctors His Nuts
Show Details1hr 8min
#68 Jason Seib Rants and Worst Case Scenarios
Show Details1hr 1min
#67 Sean Croxton Interview & Nate Gets Busted
Show Details1hr 10min
#66 Kate Galliett's Hip Talk & I Gotta Go
Show Details1hr 7min
#65 Jon Smith Answers Rick's Questions & Falling Asleep
Show Details1hr 8min
#64 Ori Hofmekler Interview and Turkey Hunting
Show Details1hr 7min
#63 Sarah Fragoso and the SKUNK
Show Details1hr 2min
#62 BJ Tucker Interview and Family Jewels
Show Details1hr 1min
#61 Jon Smith Interview and the Locker Room Story
Show Details1hr 5min
#60 Luke Norsworthy, Happiness, & Lonnie Bleeds
Show Details1hr 3min
#59 Kate Galliett Talks Posture and Ted the Nurse
Show Details1hr 6min
#58 Katy Bowman Returns and When Swans Attack
Show Details1hr 9min
#57 Dr. Delony and Toilet Pizza
Show Details1hr 2min
#56 Shelley Hackler Interview and "I Got Crabs!"
Show Details1hr 3min
#55 The Man Without a Pancreas and the Dump Truck
Show Details1hr 2min
#54 Dean Lorey Interview and Shaky Fitzpatrick
Show Details1hr 2min
#53 Kate Galliett Interview and the Crazy, Suspicious Lady
Show Details1hr 5min
#52 Jonathan Bailor Returns and a Praying Mantis Massacre
Show Details1hr 7min
#51 Vinnie Tortorich Returns and Is That Shove or Hammer?
Show Details1hr 12min
#50 Andy Hayes Interview and The Dorm Room
Show Details1hr 16min
#49 John Welbourn Interview and Married Stories
Show Details1hr 6min
#48 Jimmy Moore Part II and a Terrible Tattoo
Show Details1hr 9min
#47 Dr. John Fragoso Interview and Dipping with Toby
Show Details1hr 10min
#46 The Wil Fleming Squat Interview and The Pep Rally Story
Show Details1hr 9min
#45 Kevin Geary Interview and How To Get Fired
Show Details1hr 8min
#44 Beverly Meyer Interview and the Fret Ninja
Show Details1hr 2min
#43 Dan Pardi Interview and a Plutonic Wacker
Show Details1hr 10min
#42 Gabi Lewis & Crickets and How to Get Fired
Show Details1hr 4min
#41 Hillary Saffran Interview and Monkey Business
Show Details1hr 4min
#40 Jason Seib & Body Image and an Awkward Phone Call
Show Details1hr 4min
#39 Kelly Starrett Interview and The Romantic, Shark, 9/11 Story
Show Details1hr 9min
#38 Sarah Fragoso Interview and a Hypnotic Uncle
Show Details1hr 2min
#37 Luke Norsworthy Interview and Kidnapping Daisy
Show Details1hr 1min
#36 Ashley Fleming Interview and a Wet Ski Suit
Show Details51min 37s
#35 Laura Cross Interview and Night Terrors
Show Details1hr 5min
#34 Chad Walding Interview and Storytime with Durant
Show Details1hr 5min
#33 Wil Fleming Interview and Naming Underwear
Show Details1hr
#32 Dr. Mike T Nelson Interview and Inappropriate Dancing
Show Details1hr 9min
#31 John Durant Interview and Childhood Memories Part II
Show Details1hr 6min
#30 Drs Denny & Mandy Warren and Childhood Memories Part I
Show Details1hr 5min
#29 Eva T Returns and Bakery Stories Part II
Show Details1hr 3min
#28 Everyman Interview with Ben Lamm & Fun with Rob B.
Show Details1hr
#27 Geoff Spakes Interview and a Long Jump Fail
Show Details59min 27s
#26 Dr Nick Anthony Interview and Naked Wrestling
Show Details1hr 3min
#25 Chris Armstrong MD Interview and Cutting Corners
Show Details59min
#24 Abel James Interview and Scar Stories
Show Details52min 9s
#23 David King Interview and Evan & Mark Poop Their Pants
Show Details1hr 7min
#22 Evan Brand Interview and a Terrible Misunderstanding
Show Details1hr 2min
#21 Squatchy Interview and I've Got a Gun
Show Details1hr 11min
#20 Jonathan Bailor Interview and the Worst 6 Words Ever Spoken
Show Details57min 3s
#19 Dr. Katherine Erlich Interview and Breastfeeding Pigs
Show Details1hr 1min
#18 Jayson and Mira Calton Interview and Everyone's Worst Nightmare
Show Details1hr 7min
#17 Vinnie and Anna Interview and a Thai Massage Disaster
Show Details1hr 7min
#16 Katy Bowman Interview and Rick the Caveman III
Show Details55min 43s
#15 Dr. Richard Hansler Interview and Seib & Greenfield Hilarity
Show Details1hr
#14 Ben Greenfield Interview and Shattered Arms
Show Details48min 44s
#13 Eva T Interview and Poetic Justice
Show Details55min 52s
#12 Jim Laird and Molly Galbraith Interview and a Snorkeling Disaster
Show Details52min 53s
#11 A Shift Worker Interview and a Solo Dad Disaster
Show Details38min 36s
#10 Paul Jaminet Interview and Rick the Caveman II
Show Details54min 57s
#9 Jason Seib Interview and a Confused Bear
Show Details1hr 11min
#8 Jon Smith Interview and a Horrifying Haircut
Show Details50min 1s
#7 Amy Kubal Interview and Rick the Caveman
Show Details40min 18s
#6 Jimmy Moore Interview and a Severe Burn
Show Details54min 35s
#5 Dr George Diggs Part II and a Mysterious Bottle
Show Details34min 43s
#4 Dr George Diggs Interview and Vinnie's Got a Gun
Show Details30min 54s
#3 Vinnie Tortorich Part II and the Party Bus Story
Show Details24min 21s
#2 Vinnie Tortorich Interview and an Exposed Bone Flap
Show Details31min 31s
#1 Intro and Sound Check
Show Details22min 56s