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Spiffy Hops Trail of Beers

Spiffy Hops Beer Guzzlers will travel the US and breakdown each states top breweries and throw them in a bracket tournament to decide the best brewery in each state. Eventually, in a nationwide bracket with the highest rated breweries from the states, we will decide the best brewery in the nation. Each state's bracket is open to the audience for predictions, big prizes and interactivity. We will bring in beer snobs, beer geeks, comedians, and celebrities to drink all this fine beer with us. It's genuinely going to get out of hand so tune in weekly to hear some of the most groundbreaking beer reviews you've ever had the pleasure of listening to. Let's bring the craft beer experience to not only the snobby beer drinkers, but also to the guy who just wants to get booped.


This podcast has no episodes yet! Check back soon.