How I overcame emotional eating and found food freedom with brain rewiring

Episode 17
47m | Apr 20, 2021

This episode has me on the other side of the mic, as I am being interviewed on overcoming emotional eating. I share how brain rewiring helped me find food freedom, eat intuitively, and express my emotions.

Today, on Metamorphosis with Michelle (Podcast episode bridged from Design your life with Sandy)

-Why we emotionally eat

-Approaching emotional eating with consciousness

-How orthorexic and controlling behaviors around food comes from a place of lack and fear, leading to self-sabotage

-How stress, unresolved emotions can store in your body and manifest as physical symptoms

-Healthy ways to process emotions

-How to overcome common negative neural pathways around food, diet, diets, and body

-How to deal with stress and anxious eating

-How to approaching food from an abundant mindset and intention

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Metamorphosis with Michelle