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Welcome to First Trade! The show where we help you take the first step and grow in your trading journey!


What Is Level 2?
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Timelines To Look At In The Candle Stick Chart; Tips On What To Look For In The Charts For Beginners
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The Wheels On The Bus May Not Go Round If You Don't Adopt "#TheStrat"
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Chase, Swing and Trend Trading with Options | Benzinga Boot Camp Podcast
Show Details46min 56s
Using Volatility to Double Your Money with Options | Benzinga Boot Camp Podcast
Show Details28min 27s
How to Invest Long Term in Stocks | Benzinga Boot Camp Podcast
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What You Must Know About Monthly Options Expirations | Benzinga Boot Camp Podcast
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How to Find Consistency Without Blowing Up Your Account
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From 3k To 100k In 18 Months - How To Scalp Options With Matt Diamond
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How to Profit from Bottom Snipes and Bullish Candles
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How To Make Money Buying the Dip
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Got $20? Want To Turn It Into $140k? Options Is The Way with Manz
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Your Daily $$$ Target As a First Trader
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Trade The Strat with Small Accounts | First Trade
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Transform Your Trading with the Power of Technical Analysis | Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference Special
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How to Day Trade When You Have a Job? | First Trade
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How To Read Raindrop Charts, Seasonality And Stock Price | First Trade
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How To Profit From a Dip - 3 Stages To Watch Out For In a Stock Reversal | First Trade
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Crypto Investing 101 | First Trade Special Episode
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Options Trading 101 | First Trade Special Episode
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The First Rule of Trading Is... Stories From a Boiler Room | First Trade Episode 12
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First Trade - How To Turn $25k Into $1M in Under 3 Months Ft. Rocket Catchn Bob | Episode 11
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First Trade - How To Analyze a Stock | Episode 10
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Stock Trades for Beginners With Shemar Anglin | First Trade Episode 9
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Why You Should Invest In ETF's With Spencer Israel | First Trade Ep 8
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The Blind Trader | First Trade Ep 7
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Use Screeners To Find Trade Ideas | First Trade Ep 6
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How TikTok Is Changing The Future Of Investing With Austin Hankwitz | First Trade Ep 5
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Stock Chart Basics With Beginner Trading | First Trade Ep 4
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Hugh Henne's Advice To Beginner Traders | First Trade Ep 3
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You made your first trade, now what? | First Trade Ep 2
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"You Can't Start Till You Start" | First Trade Ep 1
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