More To It: A Podcast About Perspective

Life has always found ways to teach us things through experience. And with each experience, we mold our perspectives around the lessons we personally learned from them. No one person is always right or completely wrong. It's all about perspective, and that's what inspired the idea for this podcast. Join my guests and me as we share our experiences and how we've managed to navigate through life so far.


In New Yorrrk
Show Details45min 22s
That's What Makes It More Of A Treasure
Show Details45min 17s
"Life Is A Feeling Process"
Show Details41min 58s
Rapid Fire
Show Details35min 19s
Pocket of Memories
Show Details22min 48s
Like What You Like Just Be Yourself
Show Details36min 16s
Time Flies When You're Mapping The Future
Show Details40min 40s