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About Faith

  1. Bringing you encourgement and edification from the Bible.
  2. Providing the tools and insights on how to navigate the Word of God
  3. Find more information on our web site at www.aboutfaith.co.uk


Rejoice in the Lord (insight)
Show Details14min 27s
Baptism with the Holy Spirit (Insight)
Show Details40min 51s
His blessing and salvation (Snapshoot)
Show Details7min 24s
Be angry but sin not (Insight)
Show Details36min 50s
The Lord's Prayer: as a template for our prayer (Snapshot)
Show Details10min 33s
The Coming of Jesus - Advent (Snapshot)
Show Details4min 26s
10 Minute Overview of Genesis -Snapshot
Show Details11min 18s
About Faith Podcast - Introduction
Show Details1min 59s