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Bleacher Banter – Presented By Bleacher Fan Sports

Presented by Bleacher Fan – Jones, Sully and Tommy Buns discuss the sports world from the view of the fans in the bleachers, filled with unfiltered comedy-driven takes. From sports betting to fantasy sports and everything entertaining in the sports universe, we're here to talk and laugh about it. Come hang with the #BleacherFanFaithful!


2022 Fantasy Football Special With Expert Guest Huseyin The Brain From Fantasy Couch
Show Details1hr 50min
NBA Playoffs Heat Up & Surprises Around the MLB
Show Details57min 35s
2022 NFL Draft Recap
Show Details1hr 3min
2022 NFL Draft Preview
Show Details40min
NFL Trades Acting Up Again
Show Details1hr 2min
Masters Recap and NBA Playoffs Talk and April is Best Sports Month?
Show Details43min 28s
The NCAA Championship Game Breakdown and MLB Season Betting Preview
Show Details44min 37s
The Final Four is Upon Us!
Show Details42min 15s
The NFL Offseason Continues to Go Bonkers and Full Walk Through of Sweet 16 Games
Show Details56min 11s
March Madness Preview, Bracket Breakdown, Sleepers and First RoundBest Bets
Show Details38min 41s
The MLB Lockout Continues
Show Details44min 45s
NBA All Star Weekend Needs to Be Fix in Every Way and Zion is Checked Out of NOLA
Show Details26min 18s
Super Bowl 56 Betting Special - Best Bets, Props and Parlays for Bengals vs Rams
Show Details1hr 9min
Brady Retires, Brian Flores Sues & Super Bowl 56 is Set
Show Details1hr 3min
AFC & NFC Championships Become Highly Anticipated Following Insane Divisional Round
Show Details57min 55s
NFL Divisional Round Weekend is Upon Us
Show Details56min 9s
Black Monday Starts the NFL Offseason For Some Ahead of Playoffs For Others
Show Details56min 9s
Antonio Brown at it Again, MLB Talks are Non Existent and the National Championship is Upon US
Show Details58min 24s
Remembering John Madden and His Impact on Football, NFL Playoff Races Coming Down to the Wire
Show Details51min 21s
Jake Paul KO, Buck Showalter New Mets Manager & NBA Christmas Day Slate Breakdown
Show Details38min 26s
Steph Curry Makes History, Urban Meyer is a Bad Person Bleacher Bets Week 15
Show Details52min 48s
NFL Playoff Races Take Shape and MLB Manager Carousel Continues
Show Details38min 13s
MLB Free Agency Gets Off to a Frenzied Start Before the Lockout
Show Details47min 1s
LeBron Starts a Brawl, MLB Teams Facing Difficult Decisions & Bleacher Bets NFL Week 12
Show Details51min 47s
MLB Hot Stove is Already Heating Up & NFL Bleacher Bets Week 11
Show Details49min 34s
Odell to LA, Dalvin in Hot Water and MLB Free Agent Frenzy Begins
Show Details57min 41s
The Braves are Champs, Rodgers is Out, Ruggs is in Jail and Bleacher Bets NFL Week 9
Show Details45min 46s
World Series Starts Off Hot, NBA Season Way-Too-Early Signs & NFL Bleacher Bets Week 8
Show Details56min 9s
Ben Simmons is the Worst and Bleacher Bets NFL Week 7
Show Details53min 57s
Jon Gruden Gets Fired, MLB Playoffs Move on and Bleacher Bets NFL Week 6
Show Details40min 2s
MLB Wild Card Games and Bleacher Bets Week 5
Show Details1hr 1min
MLB Playoffs Come Down to the Wire & Bleacher Bets NFL Week 4
Show Details38min 47s
QB Injuries Galore, MLB Playoff Races Down to the Wire & Bleacher Bets NFL Week 3
Show Details40min 2s
John Wall Wants Out, Rookie QB's Debut and NFL Week 2 Bleacher Bets
Show Details51min 19s
NFL 2021 Full Season Betting Preview & Week 1 Bleacher Bets
Show Details59min 31s
Cam Newton is Jobless and Ben Simmons Saga Continues
Show Details43min 44s
2021 Fantasy Football Special With Expert Guest Huseyin The Brain From Fantasy Couch
Show Details1hr 31min
NBA Christmas Schedule Announced, Players Getting New Deals and MLB Playoff Races Heating Up
Show Details58min 11s
USA Dominates Olympics Again, Luka Gets PAID & NBA Free Agency Moves That Still Need To Be Made
Show Details1hr 1min
NBA Free Agent Frenzy Winners, Losers, Movers and Shakers
Show Details49min 50s
Aaron Rodgers Stays in Green Bay, NBA Draft Rumors Heat Up and MLB Trade Deadline
Show Details55min 21s
Bucks and Giannis Are Champs, CP3 Potential FA Destinations & Aaron Rodgers Situations Gets Messy
Show Details1hr 1min
MLB All Star Break Picks, Bucks Make It a Series and Conor McGregor's Future in Doubt
Show Details59min 33s
The NBA Finals Have Arrived!
Show Details51min 44s
NBA Finals Near, Offseason Rumors Begin and MLB Hands Out a Sticky Suspension
Show Details1hr 22min
MLB Taken Over By Sticky Stuff and NBA Playoffs Are as Exciting as Ever
Show Details48min 49s
The NBA Conference Finals Are Upon Us and Zion Already Wants Out
Show Details36min 34s
NBA Playoffs Heat Up
Show Details54min 38s
Celtics Revamp the Franchise and NBA Playoffs Round 1 Starts to Wrap Up
Show Details45min 14s
NBA Playoffs Start Off With a Bang, Julio Trade Rumors and Golf Beef
Show Details1hr 6min
The NBA Playoffs Have Finally Arrived
Show Details56min 34s
NBA Play-In Madness, Tebow Gets Another Shot & the City of Oakland is Embarrassing
Show Details1hr 1min
NFL Draft Recap, Yankee Fans Destroy the Astros & LeBron's Calculated Hypocrisy
Show Details1hr 6min
2021 NFL Draft Special
Show Details1hr
Yankees Struggles Continue, NBA MVP Race and the Knicks Are Legit
Show Details53min
Masters Reactions, Jamal Murray Donezo & the NBA Playoff Ramifications
Show Details52min 41s
Baylor Wins the Natty, Darnold in Carolina and ESPN Hates Strippers
Show Details52min 13s
Final Four and MLB Season Betting Preview
Show Details31min 7s
Sweet 16 Bound and NBA Trade Deadline Heats Up
Show Details52min 4s
March Madness Is Back
Show Details51min 55s
NFL Franchise Tag Day, Remembering the Stacked 2018 Draft, NBA News
Show Details57min 3s
NBA Midseason Update and UFC 259 Preview
Show Details53min 5s
Tiger Woods, Kristaps Porzingis Trade Talk and NBA All-Star Rosters Right & Wrong
Show Details57min 32s
NFL Free Agency, QB Carousel, Draft Possibilities
Show Details42min 42s
Super Bowl LV Recap, Trevor Bauer Drama, NBA Update
Show Details40min 40s
Super Bowl LV Betting Special
Show Details1hr 4min
Baseball HOF, McGregor Gets Knocked Out and NFL Conference Championship Recap
Show Details59min 19s
NFL Draft Possibilities, Free Agency, the Mets Front Office and NFL Conference Championships
Show Details42min 30s
James Harden to the Nets, NFL Coaching Carousel and Divisional Round Picks
Show Details52min 36s
NFL Wild Card Weekend
Show Details54min 59s
NFL Week 17 Preview and Best Bets
Show Details39min 14s
The NBA is back, NFL Week 16 Best Bets
Show Details46min 40s
Bad Beat of the Century, Giannis Signs & Jake Paul Calls out McGregor
Show Details52min 38s
NFL Playoff Picture Takes Shape, Wentz is Bad and Bleacher Bets for NFL Week 14
Show Details47min 53s
Nate Robinson Gets Slept, NBA Christmas Day Schedule and Bleacher Bets NFL Week 13
Show Details36min 44s
The Crazy NBA Offseason Continues and Bleacher Bets NFL Week 12
Show Details47min 21s
The NBA Draft and Offseason Get Off to a Crazy Start and Bleacher Bets for NFL Week 11
Show Details39min 57s
Masters Week is Finally Here and Bleacher Bets NFL Week 10
Show Details46min 53s
Lamar Jackson Cant Win a Big Game and Bleacher Bets NFL Week 9
Show Details31min 57s
World Series Comes to a Close, LeBron Complains and Bleacher Bets NFL Week 8
Show Details40min 18s
World Series Gets Underway and Bleacher Bets NFL Week 7
Show Details43min 42s
Astros are Crumbling, NBA Offseason & Bleacher Bets NFL Week 6
Show Details36min 22s
MLB Playoffs Heat Up, NBA Finals Take a Turn & Bleacher Bets NFL week 5
Show Details48min
MLB Playoffs Begin, NBA Finals Picks and Bleacher Bets NFL Week 4
Show Details49min 28s
The Entire NFL Goes to the Hospital, Nuggets Are in a Classic Spot and Bleacher Bets NFL Week 3
Show Details49min 1s
NFL's Week 1 Surprises, NBA Playoffs Getting Crazy and Bleacher Bets Week 2
Show Details42min 52s
NBA Playoffs Roll On, Bleacher Bets NFL Week 1 & Tennis Overreacts
Show Details56min 24s
Leonard Fournette is Homeless & the NBA Playoffs are Must-Watch TV
Show Details52min 8s
NBA Playoffs Delivering Surprising Results
Show Details47min 2s
NBA Playoffs Begin and Some Losers Hate Fernando Tatis
Show Details1hr
Dominate Fantasy Football in 2020 With The Fantasy Couch
Show Details2hr 9min
The NBA Bubble is a Smashing Success & Joe Kelly is an American Hero
Show Details32min 15s
NFL Players Dropping Out & Lou Williams Wingate
Show Details53min 54s
MLB is Set to Return & Potential Effects of College Football and NFL Seasons
Show Details35min 33s
NBA Players Get Frisky in the Bubble and Madden Ratings Cause Controversy
Show Details49min 53s
Mahomes is Rich & NBA and MLB Players Are Dropping Out Quick
Show Details34min 36s
Cam Newton to Pats & NBA Players Sitting Out
Show Details34min 55s
Baseball is Back and NBA Teams & Players Prepare for Season
Show Details44min 53s
NBA's Disney Problems, Kyrie's Craziness Continues & MLB is Toying With Fans
Show Details44min 53s
NBA Players Get Cold Feet & Hope Dwindles for MLB
Show Details44min 50s
The NBA Returns as the MLB Continues to Struggle
Show Details44min 26s
NBA & NHL Take Big Step Forward While Baseball's Return Hits a Wall
Show Details47min 12s
LeBron in the NFL & The Last Dance Ends
Show Details54min
Selfish MLB Players, UFC's Predicament & Pippen Doubles Down
Show Details54min 13s
NFL Win Totals, Dalton in Dallas & MLB's July Surprise
Show Details43min 19s
NFL Draft Recap, Baseball's Plans and Jay Cutler Divorce
Show Details1hr
NFL Mock Draft Special & Gronk Reunites With Brady
Show Details59min 22s
Patriots Eye a QB, Tua Falling in Draft & MLB Reopening
Show Details40min 19s
Dana White Buys an Island, Potential Return of MLB & NFL Virtual Draft
Show Details52min 33s
Mocking Mock Drafts
Show Details50min 15s
Top of the NFL Draft & Free Agency Slows
Show Details41min 56s
NFL Free Agent Frenzy
Show Details53min 49s
83 | NCAA Conference Tournaments & NBA Deals with Corona
Show Details40min 19s
82 | Spike Lee Debacle, Wilder Fury Trilogy and NFL Free Agency
Show Details43min 44s
82 | Astros Players Bean Parade Begins, Wilder-Fury 2 Recap
Show Details49min 2s
81 | NBA All-Star Recap & Astros Fire Back
Show Details1hr 1min
80 | XFL 2.0 Debut, Mookie is Official & NBA All-Star Weekend Picks
Show Details1hr 9min
79 | Mookie Betts Blockbuster, NFL Offseason and NBA All-Star Weekend Preview
Show Details1hr 5min
Bleacher Bets Super Bowl 54 Betting Extravaganza
Show Details1hr 15min
77| Astros and Red Sox Keep Titles, Zion & McGregor Return
Show Details1hr 28min
76 | Cheating Astros & Alex Cora , The Natty & NFL Champ Week
Show Details1hr 2min
2020 Kick-off, NFL Playoffs and Head Coaching Carousel
Show Details58min 49s
Betting NBA Christmas Day and NFL Week 16
Show Details55min 51s
The Evil Empire Returns, MLB . Winter Meeting Fallout and Bleacher Bets Week 15
Show Details1hr 24min
Melo's Resurgence, NCAAF Champ Week & Predicting MLB Free Agents
Show Details42min 54s
Kemba Survives, Steve Kerr Struggles & Bleacher Bets NFL Thanksgiving
Show Details48min 27s
Colin Kaepernick Clowns Himself, Miles Garrett is Cancelled & Astros Redefine Cheating
Show Details1hr 5min
Cheating Astros & Bama Gets Bounced Plus Bleacher Bets Week 11 Picks
Show Details41min 19s
College Basketball Tip-Off, NBA Load Management and Bleacher Bets NFL Week 10
Show Details56min 21s
LeBron Takes Credit for NCAA Ruling and Bleacher Bets Week 9 Picks
Show Details53min 17s
The NBA Has Finally Returned and NFL Week 8 Bleacher Bets
Show Details19min 33s
LeBron Shows True Colors, ALCS Heats Up and Bleacher Bets NFL Week 7
Show Details51min 3s
MLB Playoffs Heating Up, the Browns Are Who We Thought They Were and NFL Week 6 Bleacher Bets
Show Details46min 52s
The NFL Starts to Take Shape and Week 5 Bleacher Bets
Show Details35min 34s
Danny Dimes Era Begins and Bleacher Bets NFL Week 4 Picks
Show Details45min 36s
Jalen Ramsey Wants Out, Big Ben and Brees are Done and NFL Week 3 Bleacher Bets
Show Details44min 51s
Antonio Brown is the Soap Opera of Sports and NFL Week 2 Bleacher Bets
Show Details40min 6s
NFL Season Long and Week 1 Betting
Show Details41min 44s
Colts Fans Aren't Trash, Boogie's Career in Jeopardy and NCAAF Predictions
Show Details40min
Fantasy Football Domination With Special Guest Expert Fantasy Couch
Show Details1hr 38min
Tommy Buns Returns, Boogie Cousins Exits, Brian Cashman Mistaken Identity
Show Details38min 53s
NFL Training Camp Storylines and Hard Knocks Begins
Show Details44min 44s
NFL Training Camp Crash Course
Show Details41min 40s
Chris Paul Oklahoma City Situation and the Age of NBA Duo's
Show Details23min 59s
The Return From America's Birthday: NBA Free Agency, Summer League and MLB All-Star
Show Details53min 11s
OJ Simpson Joins Twitter and NBA Draft Special
Show Details1hr 1min
The Kevin Durant Fallout, The Curse of the Cup and Handicapping Bieber vs Cruise Fight
Show Details50min 2s
The NBA Finals is Getting Juicy, MLB Trades That Need to Go Down and Anthony Joshua is a Fraud
Show Details53min 15s
NBA Finals Preview, the Lakers Are a Dumpster Fire & Anthony Davis Meets With Pelicans
Show Details58min 26s
Anthony Davis' Landing Spots, Can Anyone Handle Warriors and a New Trend in NCAAB Emerges
Show Details48min
The Fallout From Zion NBA Lottery Mania, NBA Playoffs Getting Juicy & Baseball is Getting Fun
Show Details59min 56s
Paul Pierce is an Idiot, is Kyrie Gone, Will the Warriors Survive and MLB Surprises
Show Details1hr 1min
NFL Draft Hilarity and NBA Playoff Craziness
Show Details1hr 3min
NFL Draft and the NBA Playoffs Prove Westbrick is Crumbling
Show Details48min 15s
Russell Wilson's Weird Video, Tiger is BACK and So Are the NBA and NHL Playoffs
Show Details45min 33s
NCAA Title Review, Masters Preview, NBA Playoff and Aaron Rodgers/AB Craziness
Show Details1hr 10min
Final Four, LeBron & the Lakers Meltdown, and Baseball is a Thing Again
Show Details55min 24s
Sweet 16 Preview, McGregor and Gronk "Retire" and the NBA Prepares for Playoffs
Show Details1hr 2min
March Madness Opening Weekend Betting Podcast
Show Details48min 42s
Odell Traded Live on Air
Show Details1hr 12min
MLB Heating Up, NFL Combine & Whats Going on With the Lakers, Celtics and the Rest of the NBA
Show Details1hr 3min
Robert Kraft, Johnny Manziel and the Craziness of the NBA Stretch Run
Show Details55min 35s
Tim Donaghy NBA Betting Scandal, MLB Free Agency and the NBA All-Star Break/Second Half
Show Details54min 20s
NBA Trade Deadline, All-Star Bets and Second Half Predictions
Show Details1hr 9min
Super Bowl Recap & NBA Trade Deadline Outlook
Show Details1hr 16min
Super Bowl 53 Full Betting Guide With Props & Jones on the Sad State of Affairs for Knicks Fans
Show Details1hr 10min
Goodell Continues to be Spineless, the NBA's Craziness and the Last "Today in Sports History"
Show Details1hr 22min
Adam Gase is an Insane Person, Three Football Games Left and the NBA is Heating Up (Baseball is Not)
Show Details1hr 8min
Clemson Wins the Natty, NFL Playoffs, New Coaches and Defend the Wall
Show Details1hr 29min
NFL Award Predictions, Playoffs Best Bets and Bama-Clemson Natty
Show Details1hr 28min
NFL Playoff Races Heating Up and the NBA Craziness Has Begun
Show Details1hr 29min
NFL Week 15 and MLB Hot Stove Winter Meeting Predictions
Show Details1hr 34min
Kareem Hunt, The College Football Playoff, Wilder-Fury and All Your Favorite Segments
Show Details1hr 19min
Dwight Howard, NFL Week 13 and The Quarter-way Mark of the NBA Season
Show Details1hr 13min
Extra Point Podcast Nov 21st
Show Details1hr 28min
The Big One- Chiefs Vs Rams Preview, MLB award SZN, NBA recap
Show Details1hr 10min
College Hoops is Back! Featuring NBA and NFL weekly recaps
Show Details1hr 4min
The Sox Win the World Series, NFL week 9 Preview, and NBA Full First week Recap
Show Details1hr 7min
Wold Series Recap and Upcoming MLB Free Agency, NFL Recap and Updates, Initial thoughts about NBA.
Show Details1hr 9min
NBA Opening Night and Season Preview. NFL Week 6 Review and Week 7 Preview
Show Details1hr 16min
NFL Week 4 Recap and Week 5 Preview, MLB Playoffs
Show Details1hr 41min
Show Details1hr 30min
Show Details1hr 34min
Fantasy Football SZN
Show Details1hr 36min
Show Details1hr 21min
The Dog Days of Summer
Show Details1hr 27min
Christmas in August
Show Details1hr 26min
MLB Trade Deadline and NFL Training Camp
Show Details1hr 17min
NFL Training Camp and El Gary Sanchez
Show Details1hr 20min
Manny Machado, Mike Trout, and Kawhi Leonard
Show Details1hr 33min
Kevin Knox, Jimmie Foxx, and Kawhi
Show Details1hr 26min
Boogie Cousins, LAbron James, NBA FREE AGENCY
Show Details1hr 2min
The Goddamn Mets, NBA Draft Recap, Baseball small talk
Show Details1hr 14min
NBA Draft Preview
Show Details1hr 8min
Belmont Stakes, Crazy NBA FA Rumors, and pulse check around the MLB
Show Details1hr 14min
Cavs Blunders, Baseball Wonders, and the goddamn Mets
Show Details1hr 28min
The Cavs and Warriors are playing in the finals AGAIN
Show Details1hr 20min
The Golden Knights are the real deal and The Cavs are back from the dead
Show Details1hr 16min
Are the Cavs dead? Are the Rockets all out of fuel?
Show Details1hr 19min
Lucky number 13
Show Details1hr 27min
NFL Draft Recap and MLB One Month In
Show Details1hr 21min
Show Details1hr 24min
Who is hot and who is not
Show Details1hr 15min
Nova is Champion and Opening Week of Baseball
Show Details1hr 23min
Baseball is Back!
Show Details1hr 12min
My Bracket is Busted
Show Details1hr 11min
March Madness Brackets featuring Bleacher Bookie
Show Details1hr 6min
And then there were 4 with MARCH MADNESS!
Show Details1hr 23min
NCAA Scandal
Show Details1hr 10min
The Start of an Era
Show Details1hr 40min
Inauguration with Maxx Lepselter
Show Details52min 32s