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It's Time To Be Us

This is our reality; this is what goes on in front of us and all around us. So let’s take some time aside to relate on issues, building blocks towards our future and so much more, because change with you, me, and anyone else begins today. Here to motivate and push you pass your limits, because limits are only in your own mind. Its all love.

If there is anything you want to talk about feel free to contact me on Instagram @isthisslov


Season 2 EP.6 Soul Searching/ What's Next?
Show Details10min 17s
Season 2 EP.5 Remain Focused
Show Details15min 5s
Season 2 EP.4 Let's Take Control of Our Mental Health!
Show Details55min 40s
Show Details46min 41s
Season 2 EP.2 Having Faith In Yourself/JAHVSTHEWORLD
Show Details54min 47s
Season 2 EP.1 New To Fitness?/Thelegendarykimmy
Show Details47min 58s
Season 1 EP.14 Goodbye 2021!/ Gotta Keep Going!
Show Details20min 10s
Season 1 EP.13 Platonic Relationships/Congrats to the Grads/Happy Holidays!
Show Details56min 25s
Season 1 EP.12 ONEMORE97/Mental Growth & Strength
Show Details46min 53s
Season 1 EP.11 Mindful Thinking/Gun Control
Show Details53min 24s
Season 1 EP.10 MDS.ISAIAH/Building Confidence/ Stepping From Comfort
Show Details46min 38s
Season 1 EP.9 Destiny's Perspective/Religion
Show Details1hr 2min
Season 1 EP.8 OWN IT/Just keep going/Time Change
Show Details41min 35s
Season 1 EP.7 Boys2Men/Happy Birthday James/Scorpio Season
Show Details43min 52s
Season 1 EP.6 Thirty6juju/Words of Wisdom/RIP Milo
Show Details49min 48s
Season 1 Ep.5 Long Distance Relationships/Are they for you??
Show Details45min 8s
Season 1 Ep.4 Don't Live By Your Wants!
Show Details16min 59s
Season 1 EP.3 ABOYNAMEDCORTNEY/Words of Wisdom
Show Details1hr 4min
Season 1 EP.2 Is it wrong to miss high school/EXPOSE CULTURE/weapons in school
Show Details41min 10s
Season 1 EP.1 Talk with Denzel
Show Details23min 48s
Back to business
Show Details4min 58s
Episode 2. Goodbye 2020
Show Details4min 13s
Episode 1. Aim To Please Yourself
Show Details6min
Episode 0
Show Details4min 1s