01. I'm Back!

21m | Oct 17, 2022

It's been a long time friends but I'm finally back on the aire! I already have interviews lined up so get ready to hear some stories in the coming weeks if you would like to tune in.

In this episode, I do a little housekeeping and fill you in on some of the details on why the show has been on pause for so long. There's been a lot of moving parts in my personal life. I provide some clarity as to what was going on (without going into too much detail).

I then shift to talk about a coping strategy for anxiety (box breathing) and PTSD (grounding exercises) and review details of a Zero Suicide Safety Plan to help those who are struggling. Moving forward, all episodes will be broadcast on TikTok so if you ever hear me address an audience, it'll be TikTok :).

Hope everyone is well. I look forward to being back behind the mic!

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