Bring in the Wild Flow of the Unknown: a Conversation with Lisa Carrillo

51m | Mar 20, 2024

For as long as I can remember I passionately wanted to know how life worked. I used to think that others had access to a grand rulebook and that I was missing out. When I began to develop my inner relationship with Source, I discovered how to be an inner researcher. Inner research requires a courageous heart. One that is willing to explore the unknown, no matter what. Because that’s where true freedom lies… The light of our inner wisdom can bring such clarity of direction! As my guest today writes: An unprincipled life gives concepts a backseat and gives direct experience a front seat. Concepts are always abstract rather than real—they use words, which are symbols that merely point to reality. Direct experience is based in reality. What we are is reality. Stay tuned.

As a child, Lisa remembered a place of love and light and experienced moments of profound love. But, having chosen an adventure of going from constriction to freedom, she complied with fundamentalism for many years. She worked as a chemical engineer and then medical device product manager. But her heart called her out of the corporate world. In 2009 she experienced how we are not our personas but Infinite Being having physical experiences. Now she coaches people and leads meditation groups. She is the author of two books, 'An Unprincipled Life: Living from the Unknown' and 'Living Awake: 20 Techniques to End "I Got It; I Lost It." 

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