Nonlinearity and The Octopus Movement: a Conversation with Perry Knoppert

50m | Jan 24, 2024

Our society gives great attention to logical, linear education and training. Information is taken in and processed in ways that are accepted and approved. But what if how you naturally think, the way you are most creative, doesn’t fit into the boxes that you have been given? We are presented with increasingly complex issues that require something different. We no longer live in an assembly-line world. It doesn’t work. We need the whole symphony. We need each of us, playing our own song, in our own rhythm, with our own instruments. That need not be a cacophony. Instead, maybe it’s really the breakthrough we need. If you have ever felt like you didn’t fit in, perhaps it was that you were trying to fit into a system that was designed for conformity and control. Don’t change. See how your voice can add to the entire symphony. Without you, where would we be? My guest today has created a global movement to connect, celebrate and tap this symphony for real-world change.

Perry Knoppert is an artist of life, driven by his nonconformist spirit and a passion for empowering non-linear thinkers. After a huge shift in his life, he founded The Octopus Movement, a global network that has become a mycelium of nonlinear thinkers. His movement is on a mission to get the world to recognize and harness the gifts of nonlinear thinkers. The Octopus Movement has grown to include more than 2,600 members from over 63 countries who approach problem-solving in unconventional and creative ways. Perry's goal is to help others realize their own artistic potential, especially those who may have been told they can't do something or don't fit into the mold.

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