Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life: a Conversation with Judy Kane

30m | Jun 12, 2024

As much as we truly want to have a great life---and that means something different to each of us---we also are excellent at getting in our own way. Sometimes that’s easier to see in other people. Ever wonder why your very smart best friend keeps making choices that don’t work out? How you think about yourself has great impact on your actions. Your beliefs, whether you are aware of them or not, are very often the pivotal piece to shift in order to finally create a different outcome. Stay tuned for my guest today who will help you open this door!

Judy Kane helps people identify and transform the subconscious beliefs that keep them repeating ineffective, stressful patterns. She uses a fast change process to facilitate those changes and is the author of Your4Truths: How Beliefs Impact Your Life.

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