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Ty Wilson Talks

Success and Struggle...Unscripted. Singer/Songwriter Ty Wilson sits down with a number of creative guests to talk about life in the entertainment industry, the artistic process and current events. It's Joe Rogan meets VH1 storytellers!


w/ Peter Polito (Ep.22)
Show Details1hr 7min
Updates and Weight Loss (Ep.21)
Show Details21min 12s
w/ Logan Brown (Ep.20)
Show Details44min 49s
w/ Beyond The Lyrics (Ep.19)
Show Details37min 52s
w/ Brett Smith-Daniel (Ep.18)
Show Details39min 4s
w/ Laban Pitman-Johnson (Ep. 17)
Show Details40min 55s
w/ Dan Phillips (Ep. 16)
Show Details51min 17s
w/ Ben Commodore (Ep. 15)
Show Details29min 50s
w/ Ian Krochak (Ep. 14)
Show Details53min 23s
w/ Tom The Trainer (Ep. 13)
Show Details52min 39s
...Mental Health (Ep. 12)
Show Details39min 12s
w/ Greg Smith (Ep. 11)
Show Details1hr 4min
w/ Kelli Marshall (Ep. 10)
Show Details55min 59s
w/ Jillian Eagle (Ep. 9)
Show Details1hr 3min
w/ Aaron Okami (Ep. 8)
Show Details32min 9s
w/ Sam Tweedle (Ep. 7)
Show Details1hr 10min
w/ SJ Riley
Show Details30min 30s
w/ Shannon Roszell
Show Details1hr 2min
w/ Peter Polito
Show Details1hr 5min
w/ Jesse Slack
Show Details36min 3s
w/ Matt Teed
Show Details57min 32s
w/ Kyle Dorricott
Show Details56min 10s